Hitman 2

Bonus Mission Concept- Mumbai: Blackout

Hitman5 - Bonus Mission Concept- Mumbai: Blackout

Story Summary: Although the ICA doesn’t concern itself with the political and social fallout resulting from their contracts, in this particular case it would seem that fate had intervened – The ICA has accepted a contract from an anonymous source in Mumbai.

For years, the slums of Mumbai have been under the illegitimate control of Dawood Rangan, Vanya Shah and Wazir Kale. Now that they are all dead, the slums are up for grabs and the vultures are circling.

First is a former mobster turned real estate mogul. With an interest in seizing financial control of the slums in order to create a real-estate monopoly, this individual is resorting to particularly devious methods to flush out those who resist.

The second formidable force vying for power is the new hierarchy of the Crows gang that assumed power following the death of the Maelstrom. However ruthless Wazir Kale was, he kept his men in check. Without The Maelstrom around to lead, three sick and deprived individuals now share equal rule over the gang and partake in truly heinous acts of oppression and savage domestic terrorism in order to rule the slums by fear.

The Real Estate Mogul has hired a small team of mercenaries in addition to his own private security team, and they often clash with the Crows in volatile battles that result in much collateral damage.

The latest skirmish has resulted in the Crows bombing a utility substation and plunging the entire area into darkness in order to hopefully scare away the mogul- but he remains undeterred. Without electricity or running water, the citizens are suffering.

The client has his own less nefarious plans to gentrify the slums and has contracted the ICA to eliminate the Mogul as well as the hierarchy of The Crows.

In a rare exception for ICA policy, non-target members of The Crows gang are authorized as acceptable collateral, however the mercenaries and the Mogul’s private security team are not. (47 may kill any Crow’s member without penalty. Witnessed kills and bodies found from non-accident kills still count against mission rating).

Map Design: The time is just past midnight. The majority of the map is without electricity. There are generators set up with flood lamps in vital areas, and a few buildings have backup generators powering them, but largely the area is in darkness.

Rangan’s tower has been seized by The Crows and their former underground hideout has been abandoned. It is one of the few areas with electricity, but it is also a hornet’s nest of ruthless criminals and killers. The 3 leaders of The Crows can be found in various locations around the area.

The train depot has been gated off. The Merc team is using it as their base of operations.

The Mogul is hiding out in a well secured house on The Hill. Most access points have been blocked off so 47 will have to get creative.

Restless citizens rally in the streets with signs of protest, while others are on the verge of riot, surrounding Rangan tower while Crows guards keep them at bay with the threat of unrestrained weapons fire.

Nobody except the Crows know that the Mogul is on the Hill, so the citizens are not interested in that area.

Rangan Tower, The Hill and the Trainyard are all hostile areas to any disguise except their respective guard/merc/gang member uniforms.

Default Starting Location: Rangan Tower Construction Site. Additional starting locations can be unlocked.


Default Suit: ICA Covert Gear- All black outfit with tactical pants, combat boots, tactical shoulder harness with pistol holster, long sleeve black shirt with sleeves rolled up. This suit is locked to the default starting location and is suspicious to guards and gang members when worn. Civilians mostly don’t seem bothered by it. Other non-suspicious suits can be worn after unlocking neutral starting locations.

New Weapons and gear:

Flare Gun- Launches an orange flare that can distract multiple people at once. Will ignite fuel sources and knock out human targets with a head shot. 1 round capacity, additional flares must be collected from around the map.

Druzhina 34 Tactical (carried by elite mercs)- Silenced, night-vision 2x scope.

Flash Light- 3-cell flash light that makes a good non-lethal melee weapon. It’s secondary function is illuminating darkened areas. (heehee). Carried by various NPC’s.

Torch- Wooden stick with flammable material at one end. Carried by some civilians.

Glow Stick- Glows in the dark. Useful as a distraction, not much else.

Kalmer 1 w/tracker dart- Kalmer 1 that fires a GPS tracking bug designed to quickly adhere to cloth. Light impact is virtually undetectable, dart breaks off and falls away mid-flight. Tracker can be used for various purposes- 1, an on-site smart weapons system can be programmed to target the tracker regardless of its location, 2, it can be used to mark other important NPC’s to be tracked when using Instinct.

Night Vision Goggles- Exclusive to a specific disguise, allows the user to see better in the dark. Activated via the inventory menu.

ICA Silverballer Tactical- 47’s custom Silverballer affixed with a red laser sight for extreme precision (bullet will always strike where the laser dot is, dot will only show up at the max effective range the pistol or less.

Disguises- Merc Elite- Basic mercenary uniform. Merc Strike Team- Tactical Gear and night vision goggles. Merc Commander- Unique disguise, ineffective with Merc soldiers but will get you face to face with the Mogul (who has never met the commander in person.) Mogul’s Security Team- Your basic low-rent Security dude. Crows Street- Basic Crow’s gang member outfit, several variations. Crows Assault- Well equipped Crows hanging around planning a strike against The Hill. Courier- Basic street clothing and a black ski mask. The Crows have kidnapped a citizen and assigned them with the task of collecting extortion money from several people around town. The Courier is afraid to take the money, but is also afraid of being killed if he doesn't. 47 can relieve him of his duty, collect the money, and get into Rangan tower to deliver it. Place a Bomb in the bag and blow it up after delivery. Classic Hitman. Alternatively, 47 can find a way to encourage (read: threaten) the Courier to do his job and then just take the bag and his clothes from him after he's collected all the money and deliver it himself.

The idea of this mission is to both allow for traditional Hitman game play, but also offer a more stealth/tactical approach for those who choose. 47 begins in a hostile area wearing a disguise that is suspicious to all combatant NPC's, but after playing the mission once a second starting location is unlocked where 47 can start in any of his normal suits which are not suspicious unless trespassing or in a hostile area.

I've got more ideas but I'll see if anyone is interested in this idea before I continue.

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