Hitman 2

Bonus Mission Concept- Whittleton Creek: The Stalker

Hitman1 - Bonus Mission Concept- Whittleton Creek: The Stalker

Synopsis: It's a frigid December evening. A light blanket of snow coats the neighborhood, icicles dangle precariously from eaves. Residents are mostly remaining in their homes, but some individuals are going about their business outdoors as well. Helen West is now under the protection of Janus' former security detail. Cassidy's home is now empty, but a squatter is residing within. The Schmidt house has been purchased and the residents are in the process of moving in. Police presence has been increased at the behest or residents since Cassidy and Janus were killed.

47 has been sent back to Whittleton Creek to deal with a burgeoning problem – an individual of unknown origin who, after obtaining leaked intel, seems to have taken obsessive interest with the ICA, or more specifically, 47 himself. The Stalker is currently in Whittleton Creek attempting to dig up and evidence that may have been left behind from 47's previous mission there. The ICA knows very little about this individual other than a few telltale character traits evidenced by disturbing writings on an internet message board – impotent rage, irrationality, and possibly sexual frustration. Undoubtedly schizophrenic.

However, what specifically motivates this individual is beyond current understanding. The fact that he frequently adopts different aliases to bypass security measures has led to extreme difficulty for the ICA in both obtaining a full character profile, as well as putting a stop to him. Although there was concern that his efforts have been a fairly obvious scheme to lure 47 into a trap, the ICA has utmost confidence in 47's ability to subvert the pitfalls laid by the Stalker and ultimately find a way to neutralize him once and for all.

The Stalker's obsession with 47 is borderline psychotic. What little information has been dug up shows that the Stalker's behaviors are not all that unlike that of a serial killer, leading the ICA investigators to believe that he is mentally unstable and highly volatile. Based on other evidence found, he also appears to be extremely self righteous despite his obvious penchant for deplorable behavior. It is possible that he seeks to destroy 47 and the ICA out of a misguided sense of morality.

47 must remain covert on this mission, sneaking into – and out of – homes and other areas, all while being careful to identify and defuse or avoid traps, in order to discover the identity of The Stalker and deal with him for good.

Unique Weapons:

  1. Snow Shovel- Non-Lethal Melee/Throw, not concealable
  2. Icicle- Lethal Melee/Throw
  3. Snowball- Non-Lethal Throw
  4. Ski Pole- Lethal Melee/Throw, not concealable


Kill Opportunities:

  1. Smog Test- 47 can start the engine of a resident's car within their garage, disable the electric garage door motor and bar the house entry door in order to trap the Stalker inside. He will suffocate to death, resulting in an accident kill (similar to the Sauna kill)
  2. On Thin Ice- If 47 can identify the Stalker and begin Stalking him, he can obtain enough intel to confront the Stalker, who will cower and run away in fear across the frozen stream, breaking through the ice and drowning in the frigid water.
  3. Hunter Hunted- 47 can modify any of the Stalker's traps to kill him instead.
  4. Roasting on an Open Fire- 47 can lure The Stalker into Helen West's basement, and if he has increased the gas flow to the giant oven, can trigger it to roast the Stalker to a crisp.
  5. Peeping Tom- If 47 is crafty enough, he can arrange matters with a neighbor so that the Stalker is hiding in an upstairs bedroom of a residence, peering out the window with his binoculars. 47 can then push him out the window to his death.


  1. Grounds Keeper- A Warmly dressed employee of the Housing Authority for Whittleton Creek. Can be found shoveling sidewalks and doing other various activities.
  2. Police Officer- One of the patrols assigned to Whittleton Creek after the deaths of Janus and Cassidy. Appropriately dressed for the cold.
  3. Santa- A Santa costume found in the attic of a residency.
  4. West's Bodyguard- Former Janus bodyguards wearing offical uniforms now that they're protecting Helen West.
  5. Postal Worker- Same Postal Worker from before, but with added layers and a hat for warmth.
  6. Snow Plow Driver- The Plow Truck has broken down and the driver is trying to repair it.
  7. James Batty- Dressed warmly in his mismatched winter gear.

Mission Exits:

  1. Snow Plow- If 47 finds the part needed by the Plow Truck driver and gives it to him, he can hijack the truck to escape once it's repaired.
  2. Snowmobile- A brand new Snowmobile in the Wilson's driveway. Must have been a Christmas gift.
  3. Bus Stop- As usual.
  4. Bridge- As usual.
  5. Manhole- As usual.
  6. Dogless Dog Sled- Easter Egg Exit

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