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Bonus Mission ideas for Paris, Colorado, Hawke’s Bay and Colombia.

Hitman5 - Bonus Mission ideas for Paris, Colorado, Hawke's Bay and Colombia.

In light of IO’s admission that highly requested “time of day” changes for certain maps are not on the table, some of my favorite bonus mission concepts are no longer valid (i.e. 4th of July celebration in Miami, city wide power outage in Mumbai)… so here are new ideas for some of the maps which do not require a change to the time of day, but could have a minor adjustment the the lighting/skyboxes for mood.

Paris- “Eye of the Beholder”

Synopsis: An Art Gallery/Artifact Exhibit and Auction is being held at the Palais de Walewska. Your targets are a trio of high class thieves intending to make off with an invaluable historical document. The document has been replaced with a fake, as the Exhibit Curator knows of the plot to steal it and has set a trap, with the fake document as bait, and the ICA's top assassin as the predator – and have these thieves erased once and for all. 47 must use his above-human powers of observation to identify and eliminate the thieves.

Layout: The runway in the main central area is still in place but all other traces of the Fashion Show have been removed, with various art exhibits, display stands and cases for exhibits and other items in their place. The entire Palace is on display for the guests of the Exhibits, with the exception of the basement area (staff only) and the top floor/attic. The Auction area from The Showstopper is still in use, except they are bidding on a selection of valuable art and artifacts that are among the other items on display. Guests wander the courtyards around the exterior, just enjoying the beautiful Paris evening. CICADA is once again providing security for the Palace. The Attic is being utilized more as a proper security hub now, with one of the side rooms now set up as a guard break room. Several guards overlook the main show floor from the balconies. A security camera mainframe can be found up here as well. The basement security room is also used and a security camera mainframe can be found here as well, however the room is more highly secured now with its own security camera looking over it, and the camera mainframe has been moved to the other end of the room.

This mission makes more thorough use of the other areas and rooms of the palace. Tracking down the targets is not as laborious as it may sound – their suspicious behavior and disguises will be comically apparent to 47 but somehow not anybody else.

Colorado- “Spirits of Vengeance”

Synopsis: A team of fraudulent “ghost hunters” with an extremely popular internet video channel has honed in on the abandoned Apricot Farm in Colorado, after hearing the urban legends about a series of mysterious deaths that befell 4 members of a militia that once resided there. Instead of merely filming their fake ghost hunting shenanigans, they’re hosting a massive Halloween party on the premises as well. The client was formerly one of the two creators of the ghost hunting series, but was ousted by his partner after objecting to the staged hauntings that his partner had been arranging. The client, wealthy from years of internet stardom, has put up the money to have his former partner as well a the two crew members that were complicit in the ousting eliminated partly out of revenge – but this isn't purely about revenge. The client discovered shortly after the ousting that his former business partner was directly responsible for the drug-fueled car accident that claimed the life of the client's girlfriend, and two of the show's crew members share a portion of the blame, as well. The client wants all three responsible parties eliminated at the Halloween Party at the old Apricot Farm.

Layout: The Map is fundamentally the same as in the Freedom Fighters missions, but with an added layer of disrepair – the militia grabbed what they could and left after the deaths of Rose, Berg, Parvatti and Graves. Some of their equipment such as computer servers and that big ram thing remains, the stuff that was too big to pack up in a hurry, but it's all disused and shut down. Signs of rooms being hastily packed off are present, with trash left behind and furniture askew. Elaborate Halloween Decorations have been placed all over, including spooky vines hanging from trees, tombstones, pumpkins, skeletons, fog machines and more. There are portable toilets dotted around the property. The big red barn functions as a bar, serving food and drinks. The dummies inside the limo have been replaced with fake skeletons dangling out of the windows. The loft area is the staging area for the on-site security (provided by CICADA) and includes a security camera mainframe. Guests mill about the property, some exploring, others hanging out and drinking. The auto shop and attached building is empty and unused. The smaller barn next to it has had couches set up inside and serves as a lounge. The Farm House is locked up and off limits to guests, as this is where the "ghost hunt" will be filmed – but 47 can slip in and give the ghost hunters a REAL scare. In the basement of the house are several boxes containing belongings of Rose, Berg, Parvatti, and Graves, and on top is a wearable disguise – a red and black flannel jacket, a wig, and a white face mask that resembles Ezra Berg.


This mission is meant to give a new take on Colorado as a map- One of its biggest criticisms is that it's too hostile of a map to really have fun with, so here we have a mission that removes the armed militia populating the map and replaces them with normal civilians, allowing players to more casually explore and play around. I also really like the idea of revisiting a place that 47 has been to and seeing how things have changed since his mission.

Hawke’s Bay- “The Human Inferno”

Synopsis: An illegitimate festival involving the burning of a massive effigy representing human greed is taking place on the now abandoned remote beachfront property in Hawke’s Bay, formerly occupied by Alma Reynard. Your target is the organizer of the event, who has already taken payment from many eager party-goers that arrived only to find provisions and utilities very limited and inadequate for the number of people in attendance – and ultimately, not much to do other than stand around. This happens to be the second sham event put on by this organizer, and the client, the son of a wealthy film producer and previous victim of the festival scam, feels this to be the appropriate time and place to exact revenge on the organizer, who can be found milling about the abandoned house, or participating in the lighting of the effigy.

Layout: The house has had most of its contents removed with some folding chairs and tables brought in as well as other temporary provisions. A large portable generator outside provides power to the entire building (which can be shut down to plunge the house into total darkness). The Organizer's security protects the house, and he has two guards that flank him at all times. The beach "party" takes place a safe distance away from the house and consists mostly of a bunch of people standing around, complaining about the event's lack of activities. There are some cheap speakers set up playing a few songs and a number of drunken people doing their best to enjoy themselves by dancing, some people are making the most of the situation by building sand castles, most everyone else is playing on their phones, hanging out near their vehicles, or huddling around the bonfire. The large wooden effigy is poorly constructed, made of driftwood and garbage, and only vaguely resembles a man. 47 can arrange for the Effigy to collapse onto the Organizer shortly after he has lit the fire.

This map makes additional use of Hawke's Bay in possibly the only way it can – a beach party.

Colombia- "Cleaning House"

Synopsis: In the absence of the authoritative presence of the Delgados, an oppressive regime of a private Colombian Militia has quietly taken over the town of Santa Fortuna, cutting off all communications with the outside world and barring its citizens – and visitors – from leaving. A third party interested in developing Santa Fortuna into a vacation town has put up a large sum of money to have the militia cleared out, after having failed to gain the attention of Colombian government toward the matter. Apparently, they have written off Santa Fortuna for decades and have no interest in worrying about it. The Client has offered the ICA $2,000,000 to eliminate the leader of the militia, and an optional $50,000 bonus for each of the 20 elite members of the militia – these are regarded as OPTIONAL targets. Standard militia soldiers are not included and should be regarded as non-targets.

Layout: The map now has militia blockades at every road leading out, and mines in the water preventing boats from coming or going. Militia have locked everything and everyone down, and civilians mostly stay indoors. The caves now contain holding cells for detained citizens and unfortunate tourists alike. Delgado's mansion servers as the homestead for the militia hierarchy and is guarded exclusively by a team of 20 highly trained elite militia soldiers. The standard soldiers secure the perimeter of the mansion but are not allowed on the premises. 47 can trigger events to draw out the milita elite and the leader, but a covert assault on the mansion is another option.

This mission is meant to loosen the restraints on the player a bit, allowing an opportunity to engage in a shootout if they so choose, with only the militia elite, and still retain a silent assassin ranking as long as the shootout happens within the confines of the mansion – where the standard soldiers who guard the perimeter and patrol the town cannot hear the gunshots.

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