Hitman 2

Bonus Mission/Special Assignment Idea: Paris – Eye of the Beholder (Art and Artifacts Exhibit)

Hitman2 - Bonus Mission/Special Assignment Idea: Paris - Eye of the Beholder (Art and Artifacts Exhibit)

In this post I am elaborating on a quick idea I posted before. IO have stated that they won't be doing any time of day changes which I think is a HUGE bummer, mostly because it destroys 90% of my ideas for new maps/missions… but I can still work within their parameters, I suppose.


A priceless 13th Century Brooch is on display at the Palais de Walewska's annual "Arts and Artifacts" Exhibit and Auction. The event draws in wealthy individuals from all over the world to view many rare and valuable works of art and historical artifacts, and/or to bid on a selection of art and relics.

Two obscenely rich men have a seemingly equal interest in the Brooch, and are willing to shed blood in order to take ownership. The man have a history of entering into bidding wars at similar events, much to the delight of the seller, of course. Nobody else in attendance of the auctions in the past has been willing or able to match their offers, and it doesn't appear that this will change any time soon. Money seems to be no object for either of them…

…which is why, in a unique twist, EACH of the men have hired the ICA to eliminate the other.

The ICA Board of Directors deliberated for nearly an hour on how to approach this situation and ultimately concluded to leave the choice up to the Field Agent – either of the contracts is valid, so it should not make a difference which contract the Field Agent chooses to complete, as the other will be void upon the client's death.

Agent 47 will travel back to Paris and eliminate his chosen target.

Upon eliminating one target, the other will be marked as a non-target.

The Map:

The sky is overcast with a bit of rain on the wind – just enough to form droplets on the windows and other hard surfaces. Almost more of a mist, the precipitation is barely visible to the eye.

The exterior of the Palace is noticeably barren of people due to the weather, but rain poncho-clad security patrols the perimeter, staff members take their smoke breaks just outside the staff entrances, and some guests wander the gardens or congregate on the covered patio just outside of the large dining hall/bar.

The fashion show has been entirely packed up and removed, except for the runway in the center courtyard, which is now used for a French Revolutionary Solider demonstration.

Every room on the main floor is opened up to guests to see the various items on display. Food and drinks are served in the dining hall. The second floor is also open to guests, as is the balcony that surrounds the courtyard. The private room and office in the two main wings on the second floor are closed to guests. The upper auction floor is just as closed off as it's every been. The attic now has a full fledged security hub in one of the side rooms and many of the items stored here have been taken downstairs and put on display.

The basement is mostly the same as before, but the NPC's are shuffled around a bit and the security room is reorganized so the camera mainframe isn't visible from the hallway.

The loud music of the Fashion Show is replaced with quieter, gentler classical music playing from the integrated speaker system in each room.



In general, you can find your targets milling about until the 5 minute warning for the Auction is given at which point all auction attendees will make their way to the top floor. All of the usual kills are possible before or after the auction – Poisoning drinks, luring with distractions, etc.

You can also interact with either target in dialog, in which 47 will casually mention his intention to win the Brooch "no matter what the cost", which can cause the target being spoken to to follow 47 around and try to persuade him to back off. This can also give 47 an opportunity for a falling kill or something along those lines.

If 47 outbids both targets during the auction, they will each react differently – one will begin making phone calls and chain smoking on an exterior balcony, the other will become irate and demand that 47 meet him in private. IF 47 wins the auction, upon mission completion, Diana will mention that she has went ahead and forfeited on 47's behalf, awarding the living target (who is the next highest bidder) with the Brooch.

The showpiece kill is a nod to a former Hitman mission also set in Paris – Curtains Down. An "accidental" kill can be caused by having an actor fire a Musket during as part of the demonstration, firing the gem into the target on the second floor balcony. 47 would need to find a way to stuff the gem into the barrel of the gun without the actor noticing, first… or don the costume and do it himself, while also managing to get the target into exactly the right spot.


All fashion-show related disguises have been removed.

  1. CICADA Guard
  2. Event Security (same outfit as in Showstopper, but also a new variant that includes a rain poncho with hood up)
  3. Palace Staff
  4. Auction Staff
  5. Chef
  6. Vampire Magician (Found on a mannequin on display on the second floor)
  7. Plague Doctor (Found on a mannequin on display on the second floor)
  8. French Revolutionary Soldier (Several actors are dressed up in this costume and wander around the French Revolutionary War Exhibit)


All weapons/items from Showstopper remain present. All "antique" weapons from other levels are here on display as well.

  1. Musket – A single-shot prop weapon that fires a blank. Used in a brief demonstration on the catwalk. 47 can sabotage one of these by dropping a gem stolen from another exhibit down the barrel.
  2. Gem – One of an assortment of valuable gems on display. An illegal item that can be used as a distraction the same way as a coin, with one difference – civilians will alert guards if they find one.
  3. Umbrella Gun – A single-shot, internally suppressed, .22 caliber rifle that will kill a target a short or long range with a shot to the head, but is quiet enough that it cannot be heard. It passes off as an ordinary cane umbrella and can be carried through security checks.


  1. Starting Suit- Tuxedo w/Gloves and Coat – Similar to The New Yorker, but with a bow tie instead of red tie, and the jacket is grey instead of tan, and has a different button configuration.
  2. Mastery Unlock- Tuxedo w/Gloves, Coat and Flat Cap – Same as the starting suit, but includes a grey tweed flat cap.

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