Hitman 2

Campaign Concept: The Colours

Hitman3 - Campaign Concept: The Colours

Targets: The White, the Black, the Brown, the Red, the Yellow and the Pink.

Locations: Hawkes Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgàil.

The White Briefing:

We've got some old friends you have to take care of, 47. The Colours, a sextet of Franchise assassins who escaped our hunt for them in 2005. They have now come back with a vengeance, killing tens of our assassins and agents. Their newest marks are you and me. The ICA can look after me, but you, on the other hand, will be helping us take these rogues down. They are, as conveniently codenamed:

Hector "White" Breed Christopher "Black" Butler Alejandro "Brown" Cadaval Belle "Red" Springrock Kallie "Yellow" Shen Xinyue Marcus "Pink" English

We have tracked down Hector Breed in his hideout in Hawkes Bay. Breed is a recluse, but known to be extremely paranoid. In all likelihood he has set traps and alarms over the house to catch intruders. He is also a master spy, who tracked down most of our agents, and an incredible combatant, having killed the most ICA agents out of all the Colours. Better be on your guard with this man. Good luck, 47.

The Black Briefing:

Welcome back, 47. Your time in Hawkes Bay has been successful. We have located your second target in Miami. His name is *Christopher Butler*, simply known as "Black" in the Colours. Butler has infiltrated Kronstadt Industries, which explains where they have been getting the weaponry. Thankfully, he has not learned about his colleague's death yet, but we better eliminate him before he does. Good luck, 47.

The Brown Briefing:

We have the third Colour profile now. Your target is *Alejandro Cadaval*, a former Mexican Cartel hitman turned Franchise assassin. A cousin of Rico Delgado, Cadaval has moved to Santa Fortuna to catch up with him. Delgado, the nephew of one of our past targets, would be very interested to hear what we have done. Should he or anyone of import learn about you or the ICA, you will be authorised to silence them before they become a problem. If not, then it's just Cadaval. Good luck.

The Red Briefing:

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We have received the fourth Colour profile: *Belle Springrock*, the Native American member of the Colours. She has a wide array of criminal connections, from information brokers to triad leaders. No wonder we were found so easily. Not anymore. Springrock is in Mumbai to settle a score with Karan "the Kashmirian" Dhar. While considered the face of the Colours, she is much more than a diplomat. Good luck, 47.

The Yellow Briefing:

Good afternoon, 47. The fifth Colour profile is available. Your target is *Kallie Shen*. She has rented herself a nice house in the suburb of Whittleton Creek in the middle of her ICA hunting spree. After learning about what happened to her friends, she has been holding up in her home. I say it's time we take her out. Good luck, 47.

The Pink Briefing:

Good evening, 47. Your target is *Marcus English*, the last of the Colours. With the deaths of his five comrades, he is obviously alerted to the fact we're hunting them down and that he's next. English has infiltrated the Ark Society party, where he apparently plans to kidnap one of the guests. We better act fast, 47. The last of the Colours. Good luck.

Note: All six of the briefings end with the target attacking 47: * The White briefing ends with 47 tripping an alarm in the house. Hector Breed arrives and fires at 47 with a shotgun. * The Black briefing ends with 47 entering a Kronstadt test room Christopher Butler is in. Butler activates PALLAS and, after 47 hides behind a table, pulls out a pistol and menacingly approaches. * The Brown briefing ends with 47 sneaking through the cocaine fields. Alejandro Cadaval jumps out and slashes 47 with a machete. * The Red briefing ends with 47 following Bella Springrock up the Kashmirian's apartment, where they are arguing. Springrock spots him, snatches the sniper rifle and fires at 47 point-range. * The Yellow briefing ends with 47 ringing the doorbell of Kallie Shen's house. Shen looks through a peephole and fires through the door with a shotgun, a blast 47 dodges just in time. * The Pink briefing, 47 is seen looking out at the sea on the balcony. Marcus English sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the back with a dagger.

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