Hitman 2

Can we make a list of every randomly specific skill that 47’s displayed?

Hitman5 - Can we make a list of every randomly specific skill that 47's displayed?

Obviously, 47's a secret agent/spy/hitman/shooty person, so he's going to be skilled in gunplay, parkour, hacking, and masquerading. However, sometimes he's able to do things that he doesn't really need to know how to do, from the mundane to the extraordinary, and that's why we love him. To wit, he can:

  • Carry out a marriage (Blood Money, "Till Death Do Us Part")
  • Strut down a runway as a model (Paris, "15 Seconds of Fame")
  • Mix together an obscure co*ktail while following the recipe to a T (Paris, "A Drink to Die For")
  • Psychoanalyze someone and get them to admit a dark secret of theirs, a murder no less, in mere minutes (Sapienza, "Catharsis")
  • Comfortably massage people (Marrakesh, "Golden Hands")
  • Play the drums well enough to win over a room full of musicians and music stagehands (Bangkok, "Man Machine")
  • Repair a tuk-tuk (Bangkok, "Tick Took")
  • List off and perform a series of yoga positions (Hokkaido, "Hot Springs")
  • Using the tools of a pit crew to mess with their racecar in specific and subtle ways (Miami, "A Perfect Machine")
  • Perform a "spiritual cleansing" in front of a group of superstitious folk with nobody the wiser (Santa Fortuna, "Hallowed Ground")
  • Play the bongos with the rest of a band without any rehearsal (Santa Fortuna, "Heart of Stone")
  • Fix a tattoo to look exactly like another person (Santa Fortuna, "Deadly Art")
  • Paint a stylish and (personally speaking) really good portrait of someone (Mumbai, "Broad Strokes")
  • Neatly shave people's beards and hair without harming them (Mumbai, "A Close Shave")
  • Analyze a crime scene and reasonable speculate on what happened (Whittleton Creek, "House for Sale")

Any and all examples throughout the franchise are welcome!

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