Hitman 2

Colorado is where the game shines brightest IMO

Hitman3 - Colorado is where the game shines brightest IMO

Contains spoilers.

I've made several posts some of you may have seen on here about this stage of the game. Sean Rose's "Unclean" method of assassination. Tips on speed runs, general questions, and several others. You were all extremely helpful by the way.

Anyway, I really wish more of the locations were like this one. I know variety is healthy but Colorado really had that hardcore military operation feel to it. It's a pretty difficult one, you have four targets, and the Farmhouse is just a nightmare getting in and out of undetected without practice. I love every bit of it.

Sean Rose the psychopathic bomb maker. The brutal and dark execution of manipulating, drugging, and drowning him (if you choose that method). He's probably a wiz with explosives but is just a crazy (fooking) bastard with OCD.

Ezra Berg. Former Mossad. Expert on the non physical stuff and drugs. Calm, cool, and collect. Sharp. Well spoken. This guy could probably get you to admit you're a man wearing ladies underwear inside of his basement.

Maya Parvatti. A hardened combat veteran with a prosthetic hand from a grenade blast according to the NPCs. One tough bitch.

Penelope Graves. The thinker. Intelligence gathering and planning. Probably one of the best. She seems like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole surrounded by all of these cold blooded killers.


We also have some diverse and interesting choices. You can kill from a distance. You can overpower Rose's explosives for an assisted suicide. You can smash Parvatti to bits in front of her own squad, in a disguise and make it look like an accident. You can do the same thing to Rose at the exact same time. Or you can just strangle all of them to death if you're feeling old school. So many cool choices.

The Escalation contracts were a lot of fun I thought.

The layout. It really feels like a military base with all of the wiring going through the Farmhouse with mercenaries and soldiers everywhere. The house is just crowded with electronics and high tech kit. It seems a lot larger than it actually is.

I could go on and on but this is just what comes to mind first. Missions like Paris and Miami with tons of noncombatants everywhere were fun but didn't have that same atmosphere of Colorado where at any moment you could get blasted for acting strange.

I also know a lot of individuals hated Colorado, lol so to each their own!

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