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Concept: Curtains Down Remake

Hitman5 - Concept: Curtains Down Remake

I know IOI seem to have some aversion to straight up remaking old levels, but as a fan, I would buy a remake pack in a heartbeat. I don’t even think that they need to fundamentally changes the maps – just rethink the mission structure from the perspective of mission stories and opportunities, and you’d have a pretty fun experience.

Here’s an idea of what I think Curtains Down could be like if it were remade with features from Hitman 2.

Synopsis: A recently refurbished Garnier Opera House in Paris is days away from its Grand Opening performance of Tosca!, but the production is on the verge of catastrophic failure. The actor playing the role of Executioner has come down with the flu, and the sole understudy has an inexplicable serve case of stage fright. But the show must go on… the Director a former American Hollywood filmmaker, is at his wits end dealing with the problems and calamities. Tonight’s dress rehearsal is open to the public by reservation, a perfect opportunity for 47 to slip in and eliminate his targets – Alvardo D’Alvarde, the star actor, and his rumored love interest, US Ambassador Richard Delahunt who is in attendance this night out of an obsession with D’Alvarde’s singing performances.

Starting Points: 1. Main Entrance as Guest. Pat downs are enforced so 47 cannot bring any illegal items through this entrance. 2. Basement Equipment Loading Bay as Stage Crew. Back corner of the basement where equipment is brought in. 47 can bring weapons. 3. Roof Access Hatch. Entering in his Suit, 47 can sneak in through the maintenance hatch in the roof. 4. 3rd Floor Extra’s Dressing Room as Make-Up Artist.

Exits: 1. Main Entrance 2. Loading Bay 3. Rooftop (Note: None is these conflict with the events of Hitman: Contracts, as the ending cut scene will still show 47 walking away from the Opera House on the sidewalk.

ICA Equipment Drops: 1. Coat Check. 47 can have small items up to the size of pistols smuggled in via the coat check. Speak to the clerk to get your coat so you can retrieve the item. 2. Loading Bay. A briefcase will be stashed among the equipment being brought in via the loading bay in the basement. 3. 1st floor restrooms. A small item can be hidden in a tool box in the bathroom. 4. Dressing Room. A briefcase can be hidden in the large dressing room.

Disguises: 1. Stage Crew 2. Extra (soldier armed with prop rifle) 3. Security Guard 4. Janitor 5. Press 6. Body Guard 7. Audio Crew 8. Contractor 9. Executioner

Weapons/Items: 1. Real/Prop WW1 Pistol 2. Real/Prop WW1 Rifle 3. Nail gun (effective only as a melee or execution type weapon) 4. Tool Box (used as a briefcase) 5. Tomato (thrown as a distraction, destroyed on impact, will make targeted NPC’s hostile but will not harm them) 6. Military Saber

Mission Stories: 1. Production Value The director has an obsessive interest in authenticity and has demanded that all costumes and props be modeled 1:1 with their real world equivalents, including the prop firearms. For this reason, he has provided the prop team with real versions of the weapons from which to model the props. The real weapons are stored on sight in a weapons locker in the director’s personal dressing room. 47 overhears the stage crew discussing the pointless adherence to realism when they’ll only been seen from a long distance away, and how the weapons are secured in order to avoid a tragic mix-up. While 47 can also procure real, functioning rifles as carried by the soldiers, he can swap the real WW1 pistol for the prop pistol, in order to make the execution scene as realistic as possible. Just what the director ordered, perhaps.

  1. X Marks the Spot Among the tasks slated during renovation was the replacement of the old stage platform which has an extremely dangerous old-style trap door built into it. However, as 47 learns while overhearing a conversation amongst the contractors doing the renovation, they ran out of time to replace the stage and have instead constructed a locked gate around the understage area to prevent any tampering. 47 can access this area and tamper with the trap door lock, allowing it to open when an actor walks over it. Unfortunately, the safety padding underneath has been removed, so the fall will certainly be fatal. D’Alvarde will walk over the trap door after rehearsing his execution scene, as he exits the stage.

  2. Under the Spotlight 47 finds a report detailing the problems with the set- one item in particular being a loose mount for the main spotlight above the stage. 47 can drop the spotlight onto D’Alvarde either with a crowbar, breaching charge or other explosive.

  3. Liquid Courage The replacement actor for the Execution role has come down with a major case of stage fright and rehearsal has therefore come to a screeching halt. 47 can help give the actor the courage he needs to perform by supplying him with his favorite alcoholic beverage, an item which can be found in the basement prop storage area (the director has a no-drinking rule for his on-stage personnel). Once loosened up after a few drinks, the actor will take on his role and the show will go on.

Challenges: 1. Understudy- Assume the role of the Executioner and perform the entire scene 2. Method Actor- Assume the role of the Executioner and eliminate D’Alvarde with the real WW1 pistol on cue. 3. 47, Patron of the Arts- Help the rehearsal to proceed and observe the entire performance from a private balcony. 4. Please Hold Your Applause- Eliminate Delahunt unnoticed with a headshot using a pistol while in Delahunt’s private balcony. 5. Two Lovebirds with One Trap Door- Eliminate D’Alvarde with the trap door, then push Delahunt into the hole when he looks down into it. 6. Crushing Handshake- Allow the rehearsal to be completed, drop the candelabra on both D’Alvarde and Delahunt as they greet each other with a handshake 7. Encore!- Shove Delahunt off the balcony while he’s applauding D’Alvarde’s performance. 8. Remix- Sabotage the backing track recording by replacing the disc with a different one. 9. Stealing the Show- Disguise yourself as a soldier and eliminate D’Alvarde with a real WW1 rifle during the execution scene. 10. Curtains Down- Eliminate D’Alvarde with an on-stage accident, and then Eliminate Delahunt with the candelabra as he runs to check on D’Alvarde. 11. The Apparition of the Auditorium- Sicken the Executioner with Emetic Poison, sabotage the backing track, open the trap door, steal a prop WW1 rifle and hide it, and drop the stage lighting rig – all without killing anyone, and then drop the candelabra on the Director and the actors as the director calls a meeting and has a mental breakdown. 12. Boooo- Throw a Tomato at one of the performers on stage. 13. Nailed It!- Kill a target with a nail gun.

Probably have some more ideas but that’s a start.

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