Hitman 2

Contract: The Shadow Cartel

Hitman2 - Contract: The Shadow Cartel

Kill Order: 3-12-1927998-40

Contract Type: Xbox One

Contract Client(s):

  • Rico Delgado, Head of the Delgado Cartel

Contract Payment:

  • $12,473,550.00 US
  • Blackmail material on ICA Assets in Central & South America

Contract Status: Active

Contract Briefing: Good morning, 47. ICA has been undertaken by Rico Delgado, head of the Delgado Cartel, to deal with a mutual problem; however, this is not a traditional contract. Alongside an increased payment, Delgado has bribed the Board of Directors for a top-priority contract with classified information on ICA assets across Central and South America: spies, handlers, agents, whoever ICA has a direct or indirect involvement with are all in danger of being exposed on the Black Market for cheap. This is something that the Board cannot allow to happen, least of all at the hands of Rico Delgado.

However, there is a silver lining; Rico has claimed that, in sworn exchange for the destruction of the copies of files he has made for distribution as well as above-standard payment, he wishes for ICA's best for the termination of what he calls the "Delgado Shadow". Within the ranks of his thriving billion-dollar business, Rico has uncovered a plot to dethrone him by two primary targets: Andrea Martínez, once considered a close friend and the marketing genius behind the business of the Cartel, and Catalina Delgado, Rico's trophy wife, and a deceivingly cutthroat would-be usurper who holds a seeming grudge against her husband. They have also contracted the help of the Delgado household cooks, in an attempt to poison the head of the Delgado household, and one of the Delgado accountants, for the purposes of funneling Cartel funds to the primary targets. All 5 targets are to be terminated, "with extreme prejudice," in Rico's words.


While the Board would normally already agree to such a high pricetag for your services, there is greater incentive to ensure that each termination look like a tragic accident, and even greater incentive to not risk any collateral damage such as the elimination of non-targets. This contract risks mass exposure of ICA assets through most of the Southern Hemisphere, and any failure to adhere to a standard of perfect execution that ICA prides you for will make the head of the Delgado Cartel more likely to go back on his word, requiring yet another termination order to be established against a potentially regular client.

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This is a dangerous situation 47: deep in the belly of the beast to terminate 2 extremely powerful & influential targets and their accomplices. ICA's business in the southern hemisphere is on the line, and we cannot risk any sort of failure. Start preparing as soon as possible, 47.

Contract Conditions:

  • All targets are to be terminated in supposed "accidents" that cannot be linked to foul play of Rico Delgado. Additionally, the bodies of Andrea Martínez and Catalina Delgado should only exhibit trauma as a result of their "accidents".
  • In order to give ease of access to the majority of the targets, who reside in the Delgado residence, Rico Delgado is willing to infiltrate you as mansion staff of the Delgado household, though this is optional and he would prefer that you infiltrate the Delgado Compound without his assistance.
  • To ensure that handiwork cannot be traced back to ICA if one were to look too deeply, camera systems are to be disabled and recordings of your endeavors destroyed. Rico Delgado has graciously stated that the destruction of recordings and recording equipment can be replaced after the Delgado Shadow has been dealt with.
  • Collateral damage and discovery will immediately be considered contract failures. Rico Delgado has explicitly stated that there should be no trace. Pacifications are allowed, but the collateral must not be discovered at any costs.
  • ICA has hired the services of a boat-shop near the Santa Fortuna Bar for exfilltration. An ICA extraction team will be waiting at a nearby airstrip.

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