Hitman 2

Custom Challenges – Terminus Challenge

Hitman5 - Custom Challenges - Terminus Challenge

Thinking up new specific rule sets like Silent Assassin, only with a twist.. and I thought it would be fun to "theme" them after some of the suits.

Please reply with your own challenges in a similar format to what I've posted.

Terminus Challenge

47 is on his own and has a list of names to cross off. With no support from the ICA, he has no weapons or gear to assist him. He must begin every mission in an inconspicuous location wearing the same ratty and ruined suit he escaped a hotel inferno in.

Imagine 47 as a drifter, sneaking into a place to murder some people. He doesn't care if the bodies get found, he doesn't care how much evidence of a crime is left behind, just as long as nobody can link him to it in the end.


  1. Suit Only, no disguise changes allowed – Use the Terminus Suit if you have it, otherwise any suit is fine as long as it's one of 47's Suit's.
  2. Starting point must be as close to "outside" the map as possible, in a non-public area, if possible. For example the Pile Driver Barge in Paris or ICA Safehouse in Sapienza – areas where 47 can start unseen and remain unseen. Again, this is NOT always possible but try to adhere to this as best you can.
  3. No loadout allowed – 47 brings nothing and cannot have the ICA stash anything for him. Procure weapons and items on site only.
  4. Non-target kills are allowed ONLY as collateral – no direct non-target kills allowed. Meaning, you can kill non-targets by dropping the Light Rig on Viktor Novikov, but you cannot snap a Guard's neck or anything.
  5. Do your best to remain totally unseen by ANYONE. Again, not always possible, depending on the map… but just in the spirit of this challenge, do your best.
  6. Alarms can be raised and unconscious bodies found, as long as you don't get spotted or become compromised.
  7. All weapons and items must be left behind before exiting the mission.
  8. Only carry what you need. It's unrealistic for 47 to carry a dozen bricks and crowbars and stuff. So let's say, keep it within reason – a single crowbar, some coins, a pistol, etc. Not 5 pistols, 3 crowbars, a wrench, 4 cans, 2 bricks, 4 screw drivers and 6 flash grenades. This is more of a suggestion for the fun of it than a rule, I suppose.. just stay within the spirit of the challenge.

I'm going to try to run through the entire game like this and post videos. We'll see how far I get before it gets boring.

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