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Custom Contract Idea: “The Titans” (An “Attack On Titan” contract)

Hitman3 - Custom Contract Idea: “The Titans” (An “Attack On Titan” contract)

Hello everyone from
HiTMAN - Custom Contract Idea: “The Titans” (An “Attack On Titan” contract)

r/HiTMAN ! As you know, you can make custom contracts in the game, but there is one problem with this: You are limited to the location of the contract, and have very little freedom with contracts. You cannot:

A. Give your targets special names. B. Alter NPC behaviors. C. Give targets security. D. Make custom briefings. E. Make custom models for targets. F. Make special events happen.

So, I would like to remedy that in a way. I have made a custom briefing and contract idea for Hitman, where the setting would be a slight alternate universe of the anime series “Attack on Titan”, and our targets would be none other than Reiner and Bertholdt! Please tell me your thoughts on this contract, and please inform me of anything that could be changed. (Grammar mistakes, better word choice, etc.)

Also, if you had the time, I would love it if someone could make a small bit of artwork with both targets and the important non-targets (as in The Constant is an important non-target, if you know what I mean).


Good afternoon 47. Your destination today is the District of Trost, located in the remote island of Paradis. Your targets are Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover, members of the Scout Regiment. Graduating as the 2nd and 3rd best of the class, they were offered positions within the ranks of the Military Police, but refused at the last minute to join the Scouts. Braun, seen as a “big brother” to the rest of his fellow graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps, and Hoover, calm and introverted, are seen my many as great friends to be with. However, intel from our client leads the ICA to believe that Braun and Hoover are secretly the Armored and Colossal Titans, who are directly responsible for the fall of the Shiganshina District, and of Wall Maria, which caused the deaths of over quarter million, most in the effort to reclaim Wall Maria.


Fast forward to today, Queen Historia Reiss, one of the last living descendants of the Reiss Family, has been made Queen of Paradis. She has hosted an event within the Trost District, one of four districts of Wall Rose, for her annunciation, and several of her fellow soldiers from the Scout Regiment, including our targets, will be present as “guests of honor”, each with Military Police protection. Additionally, highly trained soldiers of the Military Police and the Garrison Regiment are stationed around Trost, maintaining order within the city, with well over a thousand civilians from all throughout Paradis in attendance.

One last thing, 47. The client has made it clear that they will not tolerate any deaths of the other “Guests of Honor”, and will forfeit payment if any of the Queen’s guests, or the Queen herself, are eliminated. I can’t stress this enough 47. If Braun or Hoover get any chances to transform and breach Wall Rose, the consequences would be devastating. Do not let them get that opportunity.

I leave you to prepare.

(TL:DR, 47 is tasked with killing Reiner and Bertholdt in Attack On Titan in Trost, while not killing the other important characters)

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