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Dear IOI, I like the suits. A lot. Too much.

Hitman1 - Dear IOI, I like the suits. A lot. Too much.

Dear IOI,

Thank you for the wonderful games you provided us with. I enjoyed the hell out of Season 1, completed everything but featured contracts and missed/failed some elusive targets.

I enjoyed the game so much that it remained installed on my console for more than a year and I kept coming back to it.

Naturally, when Hitman 2 was announced I pre-ordered it (which I never, ever did up to that point). I purchased every single piece of DLC and side content (apart from the very last upgrade for season 1 which only offered terrible looking suits).

All of this to say that I enjoy the hell out the game and can't get enough of it!

Now, if you'd indulge me, I would like to make a small suggestion. Don't mistake the tone of this post, I am not smashing my fists on the table, shouting out at you to get what I want. Instead I am merely hoping you'll consider the idea and that this post will garner enough traction to put things into action (big dreams there, eh).

What I am about to also is nothing new, and some people will surely go "again with that stuff?". To this I'll say that they are right, this is redundant, but it's also something the community would enjoy a lot.

IOI gets a lot of slack for the lack of proper rewards for some challenges. But you also know players love suits.

I would love it if IOI were to consider not only bringing all the ET suits from S1 back into the game (the locations suits) but only adding some other suits that have already been made but are not available to the players for some reason. The training suit (turtleneck) from the ICA program, the snow suits from S1 introduction tutorial, the wetsuit… But maybe also some of the wacky suits we can find in some levels, such as the vampire magician, the plague doctor or the yellow motorcycle suit.

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Surely you have had conversations internally about that. You had to have consider the idea before, but for some reason you have not done it. Maybe you can't tell us why for PR reasons.

Either way, I just wanted to express how much I love receiving new suits. As a player, it feels much more rewarding and exciting than re-skinned items. I love staring at my collection of suits and "playing dress up" before a SASO run or an elusive target. It definitely is a big part of the Hitman fantasy for me, and certainly for other players as well.

I know this is far from the first time you received this request and I apologise for that. I hope the company will reconsider the idea (if that posts ever reach them, let's not get my hopes up, ahah).

I am excited for what's to come and I find the game to be fantastic. I think the new ET suits are excellent and I am looking forward for new content!

PS: I realise I might receive some criticism for asking the same thing again and that some members will claim that fixing bugs and tweaking the game is more important right now. Fair enough, I see your point, I just wanted to express myself. It's only fair if you do the same.

Merry Christmas IOI & the Hitman community!

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