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DLC Location Leaks

Hitman1 - DLC Location Leaks

This post spoils settings, disguises and, by extension, potentially some plot points for two upcoming missions. If you don't want to get exposed to any spoilers, leave now. I wish reddit would just let me mark everything as spoiler without requiring people to click every paragraph separately to reveal the spoilers. Anyway, this is your last warning!

The last few game updates leaked some info about upcoming DLC and I thought it might be interesting to share some of it here. All the info is based on data found in the game files. Keep in mind that some of the data is incomplete, contains placeholders, code names and copy pasted stuff from other missions and everything might be subject to change before release of course. There are some indications that at least the second mission is a full mission but it's impossible to be sure about that at this point. They could both be sniper missions. No images or info on targets yet, as far as I could see.

DLC 1:

Location code name "Greedy"

Mission code name "Raccon"

A quick look at the list of outfits below clearly shows that the mission takes place in some kind of bank setting. We have investment bankers, tellers, customers, a bank robber etc. All the current references in the game only refer to the location by it's code name but files from a previous update had Shanghai listed as an upcoming location. Given that Shanghai is a global financial hub I think it's fairly safe to assume that this mission takes place in Shanghai.


  1. Civilian_Customer_F
  2. Civilian_Customer_M
  3. Civilian_VIP_F
  4. Civilian_VIP_M
  5. Unique_Assistant_M
  6. Unique_BankRobber_M
  7. Unique_CEO_F
  8. Unique_Fabian_M
  9. Unique_FiredBanker_M
  10. Unique_HeadOfSecurity_M
  11. Unique_JobApplicant_M
  12. Unique_PulpFiction_F
  13. Unique_PulpFiction_M
  14. Worker_AccountManager_F
  15. Worker_AccountManager_M
  16. Worker_HighSecurity_M
  17. Worker_InvestmentBanker_F
  18. Worker_InvestmentBanker_M
  19. Worker_IT_M
  20. Worker_LowSecurity_M
  21. Worker_Maintenance_F
  22. Worker_Maintenance_M
  23. Worker_Teller_F
  24. Worker_Teller_M



Location code name "Opulent"

Mission code name "Stingray"

This mission probably takes place in some luxury beach resort. Country unknown. The mission currently has 5 entrances and 2 exits. Jason Portman seems to be a returning character in this one.


  1. Baywatch_F
  2. Baywatch_M
  3. BoatCaptain_M
  4. Chef_Restaurant_M
  5. Crusoe_M
  6. Doctor_M
  7. Fisherman_M
  8. GenericGuest_F
  9. GenericGuest_M
  10. Guard_Resort_M
  11. Guard_Villa_M
  12. Masseuse_M
  13. PersonalTrainer_M
  14. Pilot_M
  15. SnorkelInstructor_M
  16. Staff_Resort_F
  17. Staff_Resort_M
  18. Staff_Villa_F
  19. Staff_Villa_M
  20. TechPeople_F
  21. TechPeople_M
  22. Unique_JasonPortman_M
  23. Unique_LjudmilaVetrova_F
  24. Unique_Steven Bradley_M
  25. Unique_TysonWilliams_M
  26. Waiter_Restaurant_F
  27. Waiter_Restaurant_M

Edit: People asked for more proof so I took some screenshots of relevant sections of json files that reference the locations/outfits, not sure what that is supposed to proof but here you go:
E8ZIPHd - DLC Location Leaks

https://imgur.com/a/E8ZIPHd. u/HHCHunter (mod of this sub) has made some unpacking scripts available at
https://github.com/HHCHunter/HITMAN so if anyone wants to have definitive proof they can just go download the scripts, unpack the archives and check for themselves.

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