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Drastically Overthinking the Art Design in Mendoza

Hitman3 - Drastically Overthinking the Art Design in Mendoza

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In Mendoza, the art design really jumped out to me with one particular detail: the abundance of oxidized copper. All the guard rails, sculptures, some of the floor, it's all made of this famously volatile building material. The first thought that sprung to mind is "Don Yates is either very short sighted, or planning very far ahead". Here are the, uh possibilities of character I've dug out if this design:

  1. Don Yates is very shortsighted: He designed his estate with copper as his favorite color. He ignored any and all protests from people who can think ahead and warned him of the oxidation process. He's Don Yates. He's invincible. His copper won't oxidize. These people are cowards, too afraid to use copper; to do what must be done. The sommelier says Don Yates is too short sighted to understand the value of preserving the Grand Paladin wine, so why should we believe he's capable of planning the future and preservation of Providence's world? That's why he's the natural fit for Constant: because he's just as hard-headed and emblematic of the doomed Providence we've already seen.
  2. Don Yates is planning very far ahead: He designed his estate with green as his favorite color. He wants his estate to have the same aesthetic as the Statue of Liberty. He understands that this will take time. Sure he could just build it using pre-oxidized copper, but he wants to do it properly. This is part of the message of the architecture. He's spent his entire life building. He is an architect of the future. He understands that doing things thoroughly is the true path for his pure vision of what the future should be. He understands the value of planting seeds that he will never see the fruit of (quoted from the Dubai art exhibit). That's why he's the best choice for Constant.
  3. The oxidation is symbolic for the time period of the game: Regardless of which of the 2 versions of Don Yates is the real version, the fact of the matter is we're in the in-between phase. The period of change. The transition from old to new. The reign of Providence was illustrious and gleaming like the copper stronghold, but the parasitic 47 is sullying their vision, and their future. They must choose to rebuild with a new material, more resistant to change as Arthur Edwards wants. Or, they must succumb to the inevitable passage of time, and outside influences. No matter how powerful Providence is, they can't control the inevitable.

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