Hitman 2

Duel wield implementation idea

Hitman4 - Duel wield implementation idea

I was thinking about it, and I came up with a potential implementation for a duel wield type weapon, like duel ballers. I am wondering what people’s thoughts are on it, or if it is even possible.

We know that there are multiple weapon types in the game, for example, one handed, and two handed. These have their own animations, and mechanics. My idea would introduce two weapon types, duel wield two handed, and duel wield one handed. (Two handed would be the behavior for a duel wielded weapon when 47 is holding both weapons, one in each hand, and one handed would be when 47 is only using his right hand to hold a weapon, and is using his left hand to hold a briefcase. Each duel wield weapon added would have two variants, the main duel wield two handed variant that would appear in the inventory, and the hidden one handed variant that would be used when 47’s left hand is holding a briefcase.


We know that the engine allows selecting a weapon/item from the inventory to have unique scripts, as selecting a weapon or item executes a different action then selecting a briefcase. So my implementation would have selecting the duel wielded weapon in his inventory would either have 47 draw the two handed variant of the weapon if 47 has his left hand free, or the one handed variant if his left hand is holding a briefcase. The difference between the duel wield one handed weapon type, and the one handed weapon type, is that the duel wield one handed weapon type would have a script that if 47 stops carrying a briefcase, he has an animation where he pulls out the other pistol, and during this animation, the game would change the weapon he is holding from the one handed to two handed variant. Likewise if he is holding the two handed variant and picks up a briefcase, there would be an animation where 47 puts his left handed weapon away, and during this animation, switch the variant in he is using to the one handed variant, then proceed with the animation to pick up the briefcase.

My thoughts on the weapon handling would be that the weapon could either be implemented to fire sequentially (right left right left etc) or simultaneously (right and left at same time) with a shared clip and ammo count. This would mean it would have the same controls (left trigger to aim, and right to fire), and it would not require any overhaul of how the game handles clips, reloads, or ammo counts.

These are just my thoughts as I lie in bed at 3:30 in the morning, unable to sleep, so there may be spelling or grammatical errors. My deepest apologies.

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