Hitman 2

Easiest SA/SO Sapienza Master Mode

Hitman5 - Easiest SA/SO Sapienza Master Mode

So I recently saw a post taking about finishing Sapienza SA/SO, and how hard it was here. So while I recommend trying it for yourself first, if you are having trouble or can't get a good path, here is what I believe to be the easiest way. (Which is by no means easy) You don't even need to enter the mansion. This is for Hitman 2 by the way, but I'm sure it will work with Hitman 2016 with a few modifications

You will need: Silenced pistol, ruins starting location. Tranquilizer recommended, but not required

First climb up the ledges until you reach the actual castle part. Turn left toward the stairs, and then turn right. On your left there should be gunpowder and a cannonball on a barrell. Grab those. Continue forward, but don't go the cannon straight ahead. Instead, turn right and use that cannon. You'll know you are at the right one when you see it's pointed at the golf course. When Silvio approaches to golf, fire the cannon. Be careful not to hit the golf coach. Now you'll want to crouch in some grass, as guards will come to investigate the area. I had some trouble, so this may take a few tries. The corner to the right of the cannon pointed at the pier seems to be the best spot.

Now, we'll destroy the virus and kill De Santis. Head back toward where you climbed up to the castle,only instead of heading left up the stairs, head right, and go through the gate. Follow this path until you reach the lab. Make sure to shoot the camera on the way, as there is little possibility you'll be able to delete the evidence. Here comes the hardest part of the run. A guard will be patrolling here. For those of you playing on professional, skip this next paragraph.


If you have the tranquilizer gun, use it on this guy (You can unlock it after completing three mission stories in Whittleton Creek). If not, good luck. Hide up against the rock fixture. Wait until he is walking away from the plane, and crouch/run as fast as you can around the edge of the of the the barring near the plane, and take cover. It should be a small panel that conceals you. You have to time this just right, or it won't work.

Next, head round the plane to a small pillar. There should be a ledge you can climb on to head around the pillar. Next, straight ahead should be a small elevated area. Climb up there, careful not be spotted. Use instinct to look for a stalactite hanging over the virus area. You should just be able to see its tip. Shoot it, and the virus will be destroyed. Now, Francesca will head down here.

As she approaches the lab, use your save. We are aiming for the entrance to the lab area, where another stalactite hangs. Francesca will eventually walk right underneath it. When she does shoot it. If you don't hit her with it, load your save and try again.

When Francesca is killed, simply use the plane to escape.

Alternatively, kill Francesca and take out the virus first, then kill Silvio and use the boat exit near the ruins.

I really hope this helped out some of you guys that are struggling

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