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ET Idea for Hawke’s Bay

Hitman1 - ET Idea for Hawke's Bay

So I was looking at this image and realized that that was confirmation of no ET's in Hawke's Bay (I'm not sure if it was said anywhere else but this was the first I had heard of it). Which, considering that the tactical wetsuit is really cool and I would love to take it into other missions, was disappointing. I get why IO did this (and anyone who has played or even watched a video of the level does too) but then I came up with an idea for an ET that I think might work.

He is a thief that has some connection (Hired by IAGO, or the remainders of Providence I don't know) but we have been hired by Lucas to kill him (Or someone else, or maybe he pissed off Hamilton-Lowe, I think that would be cool, they might have a kill four people get your fifth free rewards card with the ICA now) This is where i'm unsure because it could go two ways:

  1. Either it is some Home Alone style thing with booby traps (I'm not sure about lethal considering the whole 'die and it's over thing') that for Gods are NOT RANDOMLY GENERATED. He's hiding in the safe room or on the roof and you just have to kill him to get Silent Assassin BUT, when you kill him, it sets off an onscreen timer for the whole Alma arriving thing and you have to clean up your mess and get out before she arrives. (On a different note, IO either remove the guys by the boat or fix them)
  2. Or, he hasn't broken in yet and is only on the outside and has heavy weaponry, you either need to snipe him, battle him or wait until he breaks in and then an objective pops up saying that you have to stop him from getting the info on the computer and kill him quickly while he's trying to do that. (with the same Alma timer I mentioned earlier)
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Those are my ideas for a working Elusive Target in Hawke's Bay. If anyone else has others or you think mine is terrible or or just need some improvements, feel free to tell me.

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