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Every Hitman Mission Ranked PART FIVE/SIX: Absolution/2016 (Patient Zero Included)

Hitman3 - Every Hitman Mission Ranked PART FIVE/SIX: Absolution/2016 (Patient Zero Included)

My Absolution ranking got flagged as spam, so I'm reposting it with 2016's rankings included. I'm working on a video where I rank every mission in the series together (all 108), so whenever it's finished, that will be part 7.

S- Situs Inversus, World of Tomorrow

A- Freeform Training, The Final Test, Patient Zero, The Showstopper, Landslide

B- The Icon, A Gilded Cage

C- Club 27, The Vector, Holiday Hoarders, A House Built on Sand, Chasing a Ghost, Freedom Fighters

D- The Author, The Source, The King of Chinatown

F- Fight Night, Countdown, Shaving Lenny, Run For Your Life, Rosewood, A Personal Contract, Terminus, Hunter and Hunted, Blackwater Park, Welcome to Hope, Birdie’s Gift, Absolution, Operation Sledgehammer, Skurky’s Law, Attack of the Saints, Dexter Industries, Death Factory, End of the Road, One of a Kind

37. One of a Kind – End of the Road but it takes 10 seconds longer

36. End of the Road Literally a 10-second mission.

35. Death Factory – I have nothing to say about this one. I can’t remember anything, other than it sucked.

34. Dexter Industries – The point where I gave up on trying to play Absolution like a Hitman game.

33. Attack of the Saints – Cornfield Combat

32. Skurky’s Law – I might have been asleep during this one

31. Operation Sledgehammer – I literally don’t remember anything that happened in this mission.

30. Absolution – The game’s finally over!

29. Birdie’s Gift – The longest two minutes of my life.

28. Welcome to Hope – 5 minutes of bar fights

27. Blackwater Park – Starts really bad, but isn’t as bad after the first checkpoint.

26. Hunter and Hunted – This would have been higher up if it was just the Vixen Club, but everything after that just sucks.

25. Terminus – Not a Yeehaw

24. A Personal Contract – I don’t even have anything to say. Obviously the tutorial mission won’t be the best, but it really did its best to show that this wouldn’t be good standard Hitman at all.

23. Rosewood – Just another generic stealth level. I really have nothing else to say.

22. Run For Your Life – An average action set piece (that is way too out of place for hitman).

21. Shaving Lenny – The second target segment was much better than the first one. That still doesn’t save this mission from being horrible, much like the rest of this game.

20. Countdown – Well, at least it’s short.

19. Fight Night – I appreciate the spectacle of 47 dressing up like a wrestler and killing a guy 3x his size with his bare hands, but this mission still sucks.

18. The King of Chinatown – I appreciate that there is ((apparent)) variety in how to complete this one, but I literally just followed him to his car and killed him. Not as bad as the other missions, but still not good.

17. The Source – There’s really not much to do. Not much of the hotel is used, and if you kill the cult leader first, the other target leaves to an area with so many enforcers that it’s near impossible to not get noticed.

16. The Author – It’s not the worst that Patient Zero has to offer, but it’s still not that great. All of the strategies take a while to set up, and I really don’t like listening to Craig Black’s terrible book.


15. Freedom Fighters – It has 4 targets, but there’s so few ways to kill them. The setting is pretty boring too, with a few places spread out to make it seem bigger than it is.

14. Chasing a Ghost – It has some interesting ideas, but the setting is pretty bland. The train yard in particular is just lame. Identifying The Maelstrom was interesting, if too easy.

13. A House Built on Sand – One target stands in a corner the whole time, while the other wanders outside. There’s some variety, but it’s otherwise pretty basic.

12. Holiday Hoarders – I appreciate that the mission is one big Home Alone reference, but it’s just too short. It takes less than 5 minutes, if you’re not going for challenges.

11. The Vector – It’s like St. Petersburg Stakeout, if it was just the sniping part. Identifying the targets was a cool idea, but sometimes the clues don’t help.

10. Club 27 – For a hotel, it’s pretty empty. Killing Jordan Cross was fun, but the lawyer feels like he was added in just for the sake of having 2 targets. Everything with him was just lame.

9. A Gilded Cage – Both targets are in opposite buildings, and one is better than the other. The consulate building was just boring, though it did lead to things like killing the target with a moose. The school area was better, but it was pretty small.

8. The Icon – This one has so many accident kills that I found myself replaying it a lot to see them all. The issue is that the map is so small, and you spend a lot of time waiting for the guy to reset.

7. Landslide – There’s so many ways to kill the target that it balances out the short length. There’s more opportunities in this one bonus mission than there are in some main story missions.

6. The Showstopper – This is a good mission, and there’s a lot of ways to kill the targets. I’ve just played it too many times, and I’m starting to get sick of it. That fashion show music is burned in my mind.

5. Patient Zero – I put the rest of the Patient Zero campaign pretty low, but I like this one. It’s a pretty standard mission, until one of the NPCs gets infected. As the virus spreads, you pretty much have 2 options. get accident kills so you can keep them at a distance, or somehow get every person on the floor infected so you can get spotted and keep Silent Assassin. It’s a pretty long mission if you let the virus spread, but it’s still fun

4. The Final Test – The first real mission in 2016. It’s a better tutorial than any previous game had, and it’s a pretty fun level.

3. Freeform Training – It’s short, but there’s so many ways to kill the target that it makes replaying worth it. The best training level in the series.

2. World of Tomorrow – Normally I dislike giant maps, but this mission uses space so well that it benefits from it. There’s not many places that aren’t used for opportunities, and they give the mission more variety than most others. The bonus objective, instead of feeling pointless, actually added to it, given the number of ways you can complete it. It made the mission more complex in a way that’s rewarding instead of frustrating.

1. Situs Inversus – Hitman 2016’s greatest map. It’s just the right size, with plenty of areas to discover. Rooms are blocked off with ID chips sewn into uniforms, forcing you to use disguises carefully. Exploring the hospital leads to a ton of great opportunities, including some that are references to past games, like the fugu fish. Agent Smith makes a return, too, which is always great. The best closing mission in the series.

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