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Every Hitman Mission Ranked PART FOUR – Hitman: Blood Money (May wait to start playing Absolution, just to prepare for the disappointment)

Hitman3 - Every Hitman Mission Ranked PART FOUR - Hitman: Blood Money (May wait to start playing Absolution, just to prepare for the disappointment)

PART ONE – Codename: 47

PART TWO – SIlent Assassin

PART THREE – Contracts

S- A New Life

A- A Dance with the Devil, Curtains Down, Requiem

B- Amendment XXV, A Vintage Year, Flatline, A House of Cards, The Murder of Crows

C- You Better Watch Out…, Till Death Do Us Part

D- (None)

F- Death of a Showman, Death on the Mississippi

13. Death On the Mississippi – I’ve tried about every strategy there is on this one, but it’s so inconsistent that I just gave up (ex. sometimes pushing one of the targets flat out doesn’t work). The layout led to guards walking in on me pushing one of the targets many times, and sometimes throwing bodies over railings just stopped working, and they would stay wherever I knocked them out. Definitely never going back to this one.

12. Death of a Showman – A horrible tutorial that basically teaches you the wrong way to play the game. The whole mission is designed so you basically have to kill as many people as you can if you want to make it out, and it is easily the most linear mission in the game. Silent Assassin takes so much extra effort that it’s barely worth it. The only thing I can give it is that it teaches players about pretty much every move you can make in the game (but this was released in an era where instruction manuals were still a thing, so why not just have that?)

11. Till Death Do Us Part – The better Mississippi mission, but still pretty long, and a bit too easy. Poisoning the cake was the quickest strategy I can think of to kill the groom, and the LeBlanc was just sitting in his room, ready to be killed by the time I finished with Muldoon and got a guard disguise, which was a bit tricky, since I had to do a lot of sneaking around.

10. You Better Watch Out… – This was a tough one to get through. The layout of the place was confusing at first, but eventually I figured it out. Killing Bingham in particular was tough, from getting a disguise to just getting him by himself. Killing Lorne de Havilland was honestly a bit too easy, since all I had to do was push him (though I did have to kill the dog, since he was a witness for some reason). I appreciated it a bit more once I finished it, but it had too many things that were a bit frustrating for me to say it’s one of the greater missions in the game.

9. The Murder of Crows – A really cool concept, and has good variety, but execution was a little shaky. The randomness was appreciated, but my problems with it is that trying to set up things like sedating the delivery guy or killing Angelina Mason can often end up going super poorly if some guy decides to walk in the exact moment you make your move (I know you can make it an accident with a bomb but I decided not to go that route) Killing the other targets was a bit too easy as well (Purayah and Kulinsky don’t really do anything).


8. A House of Cards – This was the one I was dreading the most, since I heard that it was really long, and the map was pretty large. But it was actually one of the easier missions in the game for me (though I did know about things like the elevator strat/calling the sheikh beforehand). On average, it usually takes me 20+ restarts to get SA on some of the harder hitman missions (I’m not the best at these games). I finished the mission on my third try, and that was probably only because I forgot to buy a silencer for the sniper rifle (I never used it before this point).

7. Flatline – A pretty interesting location for a mission, and the idea of having to identify your target once you’ve already arrived is interesting as well (and having Agent Smith return is also a big bonus). Not too much variety in execution, but the accidental kills were all different (choke with weight, sabotage gas, bomb chandelier), though still pretty basic. A good early mission, but not too special in terms of variety/complexity.

6. A Vintage Year – A better tutorial than Death of a Showman was. Not as much variety as other missions in the game (I can really only think of one or two strategies to get SA), but it was still a really fun mission. To be honest, I’m not the best at Hitman games (though I do make sure I get SA whenever I can), but when I pulled this one off for the first time, it made me feel pretty smart.

5. Amendment XXV – A great last mission that lacks some of the variety other Blood Money missions have, but still feels like a classic Hitman level. Getting the Marine disguise at the beginning was iffy, but after that, it was pretty smooth, if not a little easy to figure out. On my successful run, I was feeling levels of stress and excitement I hadn’t felt since Codename: 47’s Lee Hong (which isn’t a bad thing).

4. Requiem – Definitely the best out of the classic shoot everyone finales, and I owe it all to the better feeling shooting. Playing it on pro made it a tough one, but it was definitely a satisfying conclusion to the classic Hitman games.

3. Curtains Down – Takes a while to set up, but feels great to pull off. Swapping the prop pistol for the real one is classic Hitman, and there was a good amount of variety in how to kill the targets (D’Alvade at least, Delahunt doesn’t really do much and the bomb strategy is probably the best one)

2. A Dance With the Devil – This mission had a good amount of complexity, and pulling it off was really satisfying. A few issues were that Eva’s one hit kill was kinda BS, and the CIA agent was way too easy to figure out how to kill (just wait until he goes to the bathroom). Other than that, it was a great mission that while pretty long, was still super satisfying to Silent Assassin.

1. A New Life – One of those missions that comes to mind whenever I think of Hitman. So much variety in ways to finish the mission, and discovering new ways to use the tools given to you is always rewarding. Killing Sinistra’s wife by throwing a coin at the indoor pool’s window is always a laugh.

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