Hitman 2

Every Hitman Mission Ranked Part Two: Silent Assassin

Hitman2 - Every Hitman Mission Ranked Part Two: Silent Assassin

(The Mission loading screens were way too small/vague to create an actual tier list, so I just wrote it out)

S- Basement Killing, Terminal Hospitality

A-Death of Hannelore

B-Shogun Showdown, St. Petersburg Stakeout, Kirov Park Meeting, Tubeway Torpedo

C- Invitation to a Party

D- Anathema, Tracking Hayamoto, Graveyard Shift, The Jacuzzi Job, Motorcade Interception, Tunnel Rat, Temple City Ambush, St. Petersburg Revisited, Redemption at Gontranno

F- Gontranno Sanctuary, Murder at the Bazaar, Hidden Valley, At the Gates

Explanations for each level

21. Hidden Valley – I refuse to acknowledge this mission’s existence ever again. I’d rather play through U’wa Tribe for the rest of time.

20. At the Gates – See Hidden Valley

19. Murder at the Bazaar – I didn’t have the patience for this one. Killing the lieutenant in his house was easy enough (albeit really lame), but killing the colonel with so many people around just felt wrong (I know there’s a spot where he can be killed unseen, but he literally never went there).

18. Gontranno Sanctuary – There’s not much that I can say about this one. It does more to advance the plot than Codename’s tutorial did, but it’s still just a tutorial level.

17. Redemption at Gontranno – Meet Your Brother but you get no weapons at the beginning so you have to make a mad dash for the shed to get weapons before you’re blasted into next week

16. St. Petersburg Revisited – St. Petersburg but you fire blanks and are labeled “suspicious bald person”. Cool for the story, not so much for the gameplay. Didn’t even attempt to get SA.

15. Temple City Ambush – Not only is this one basically a giant maze, but Agent Smith’s position is random every time. Killing the first assassin is fine, but trying to kill the one walking in the streets without everyone in town going into mass panic just sucks.

14. Tunnel Rat – Another one I didn’t try to get SA on. This one just wasn’t fun, especially in the beginning before you get inside.

13.Motorcade Interception – I didn’t even try to get SA for this one. I just went up on a roof and shot.

12. The Jacuzzi Job – Even with the power off, I still got spotted (though it’s probably because I was running around, and because night vision restricts your vision like crazy). Maybe I just did this one wrong, but I really don’t want to play this one again.


11. Graveyard Shift – This one doesn’t even have a target, and thanks to AI stupidity, this mission is hard to get through without at least getting a close encounter.

10. Tracking Hayamoto – This mission had potential to be really good, but in addition to sneaking around in this level just being horrible, if you sprint in some places, Hayamoto’s AI completely breaks, and he never actually sits down to eat the poisoned food/tracker. If this didn’t happen, it would have been higher on the list.

9. Anathema – This was the mission where I encountered the most AI stupidity. There’s really only one viable path to take (Postman/Delivery Boy only gets you through the door), and unless you’re walking on the roof, you’ll always get shot.

8. Invitation to a Party – Honestly, I can’t remember anything about this one, so I just put it in C because I don’t remember either loving or hating it.

7. Tubeway Torpedo – I enjoyed this one well enough the first time around, but there was a bit of AI shenanigans.

6. Kirov Park Meeting – This one feels like a more complex version of Ambush at the Wang Fou with the car bombs, and I would have put it in A if the sewer system wasn’t so annoying to navigate.

5. St. Petersburg Stakeout – Basically Kowloon Triads in Gang War again, but more complex (therefore better). If the map wasn’t so overly large, it would have been in A.

4. Shogun Showdown – The creaky floorboard really irked me (until I realized you don’t have to walk on it), but otherwise is a fine mission, aside from standard AI problems.

3. Death of Hannelore – This one would be S, but the sliding trick sometimes just stops working (And forcing me to drag the target into a specific closet is just stupid).

2. Basement Killing – Finally, a really great mission. Figuring out this one was so fun, and actually completing it even more so.

1. Terminal Hospitality – Easily my personal favorite. Simple to understand, rewarding to complete, and killing the target with the scalpel is prime Hitman. The AI sucks as always, but at this point I just didn’t care anymore.

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