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Fan-Made Missions for 2016’s Unused Elusive Targets – #1 (The Rogue)

Hitman1 - Fan-Made Missions for 2016's Unused Elusive Targets - #1 (The Rogue)

I remembered seeing on this reddit's wiki that there were several unreleased elusive targets left in the game files of Hitman 2016, with most of them not having much information at all. I thought it would be fun to write up how I think that their missions would have been like to fit their names. I'll be going chronologically, so that would mean "The Rogue" is first.

Interesting to note is that the Rogue's name is Owen Cage, meaning that he wasn't always supposed to be a target in Patient Zero. Anyway, off to it.


Good morning, 47.

Your destination is a seemingly-abandoned farm in Colorado, where your target, Owen Cage, is currently stationed.

Owen Cage was a top-level agent of the FBI who served as a mole for the Militia, often orchestrating things so that their operations would either not be investigated until the trail grows cold, or pin the blame on other extremist groups. This has been a boon for the group, as they've been able to conduct several operations under the radar.

Unfortunately for the former agent, he was soon found out and quickly ended up as a high-priority target for the organization. He managed to escape and join the rest of the Militia's group, where he now serves as their go-to strategist for operations against the bureau.

The militia used the target's knowledge of the bureau's procedures to prevent them from investigating the base, leaving them powerless to do anything within the confines of the law. A frustrated agent has since hired us to deal with this troublesome matter, and fortunately, we're not bound to the same constraints that they must abide by.

Your objective is to eliminate Owen Cage and erase any and all data connected to his former duties before anything else is leaked out to the group. He likely has multiple members of the Militia acting as personal bodyguards, and the farmhouse where his personal laptop is likely kept is similarly well-guarded, so take necessary precautions to fulfill both objectives and exfiltrate.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


  • Eliminate Owen Cage
  • Hack into Owen Cage's Laptop (20 seconds)


  • The room where the guard and hacker are playing a video game has been converted into a locked room with one guard and two hackers inside. A key can be found on both Owen Cage and the Militia Elite Enforcer that normally patrols the corridors of the second floor.
  • Owen Cage's route has him start in the locked room before leaving and heading downstairs where he will look at the board that Penelope Graves often looks at. He will then leave through the backyard and visit the Spec Ops training area through the side entrance before turning back and returning to his room through the farmhouse's front door to check on his laptop.
  • If his laptop is already hacked and he discovers his files to have been deleted, he will go into a lockdown procedure where he will flee to the top floor of the barn and remain there for the duration of the mission with his bodyguards and the two Spec Ops members who are usually there.
  • Owen Cage is an enforcer of the Hacker disguise and one of his bodyguards is an enforcer of the Militia Elite disguise. The single guard in his room is an enforcer for both disguises, but the other two computers inside are blend-in spots for the hacker.

Diana's Lines:


Welcome to Colorado, 47.

Your target is on his laptop right now, which is inside the farmhouse of the compound. He's likely to frequently check on it and may notice if something is wrong, so eliminating the target first is recommended.

Objectives Completed:


Owen Cage has been eliminated. Now to delete his files on the FBI.


FBI files deleted. Now to eliminate Owen Cage so that the militia will never have access to those again.


All objectives complete. I'm sure our contact in the FBI is funneling some of their own resources to your account as we speak. Proceed to extraction.

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