Hitman 2

Fixer Elusive Target fool proof method.

Hitman4 - Fixer Elusive Target fool proof method.

This ET is annoying, but not difficult. Here's how to beat it without any risk. Again, this is a guide to complete it without any risk – this is NOT a guide to complete it for the satisfaction of the challenge.

This method takes just over 10 minutes, most of which is standing and waiting.

  1. Choose Electrocution Phone, any pistol (won't need it), and a non-lethal melee weapon.
  2. Start in the school as a Soldier.
  3. Make your way to the Shisha Den Cafe and go around the outside Western wall.
  4. At the Northwest Corner of open courtyard of the Shisha Den (the area you don't need a pass for), there is a Waiter in a small little partitioned spot and a Key on one of the tables.
  5. On the other side of the wall is a control panel. Switch it off to disable the fan. The Waiter will come out to fix it. Go in and take the key.
  6. Circle around to the Eastern wall and unlock the door leading into the Staff area of the Shisha Den.
  7. Exit the next door into the Shisha Den, and observe the man with the red poncho standing just next to the door. Move a good distance away, and just watch him.
  8. Eventually, the Target will enter and have a conversation with this man. After the conversation, the Target will leave the Shisha Den through the main passage. Beat him there and drop the Electrocution Phone in the passage so that he picks it up.
  9. Now head to the School. In the far Northwest corner of the walkway above the school yard is a lone Guard, subdue him and scoot his body out of sight.
  10. The two Guards near the flammable barrels should disperse from their conversation soon (alternatively, you can trigger their conversation early by passing them when you first leave the school at the beginning of the mission). Subdue the Guard near the barrels, tuck his body in near the barrels.
  11. There are basically 3 alleyways that lead to and from the school – the Western one, the Eastern one, and the one in the middle, which leads up to the area just next to those barrels where the guards were talking. This is where the Courier will end up.
  12. Subdue the Guard at the top of the stairs next to the barrels and tuck him in with the other Guard you already put there.
  13. Now wait. Eventually the Courier will walk up these steps. Knock him out, take his Diamonds, and drag his body over to the two Guards.
  14. Activate the Electrocution Phone on your way to the Exit. You can activate it earlier if you want, but waiting to do it while on your run to exit just feels the safest.
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