Hitman 2

For anyone in the future trying for “The Hero Of Santa Fortuna” on the Three Headed Serpent level of Hitman 2

Hitman3 - For anyone in the future trying for "The Hero Of Santa Fortuna" on the Three Headed Serpent level of Hitman 2

Saw a lot of misinformation out there on Google and figured I'd share my experiences, and the order in which I did it:

  1. Glue together the hippie's bus. You don't have to do anything else like deliver it or put cocaine in it or whatever. Just knock out the dude working on his car near the starting bus stop area and take his glue and use that to fix the bus, and you're done.

  2. Get the band together. There's the guy you wake up with the water faucet, the guy you wake up with the noisy generator, the dead drummer whose outfit you steal, and the fourth guy is asleep on a bench near the Martinez house (not near the main square like so many people seem to say). You have to view the poster on the wall next to him to wake him up. When you're playing the drums for the statue unveiling, you have to sit there a while. Give the drumroll when asked, and then stay put – Rico will dance a little bit on stage and then the whole thing ends by itself.

  3. I think most people mess up on this part: when giving the tattoo to Rico, you'll have two options: Kill and Leave. Do neither! Just wait. It takes a couple of minutes and it'll feel like nothing's happening, but it does stop eventually. Rico will say good job and tell you to see yourself out. Don't leave early or this task won't register!

  4. Get the love letter to Hector and then leave. You don't have to follow him or listen to Andrea read the letter or anything like that.

  5. Toss the meaty bone into the hippo's pool and leave. You don't have to sit and watch Rico come by and talk to him.

  6. When fixing Jorge's machine, all you have to do is stick in the circuit board and leave. You don't need to stick around and listen to him or watch him make bricks.

  7. Talk to Andrea as Taita and then go perform the ritual at the construction site.

  8. Go do the whole submarine quest. You don't need to touch the submarine at all. Just tell the elite guard you're ready. Since you didn't screw with the limiter, it only goes up to power level 3. I did this one last because I couldn't find a way to get Rico to leave afterward, and messing with the machine does nothing.

In general:

-You can kill people

-You can get seen

-You can save and reload

-The main risk: If you get compromised in an important disguise needed for any of these tasks, you may be unable to progress. During one attempt/order, I got compromised as Taita because I took the disguise on the way to the coca fields and got seen as I was installing the circuit board. When trying to do the ritual later at the construction site, even though there was no danger, I was unable to press G to start the ceremony because I was "too suspicious," so beware! The coca fields are the main "risk" in the entire map for getting compromised since it is absolutely swarming with guards so just make sure you have a generic disguise when getting in and out.

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