Hitman 2

Fountain View and Dr. Popp Factory Level

Hitman2 - Fountain View and Dr. Popp Factory Level

Your targets are Leon Kane, CEO of the Fountain View Corporation, who makes Fountain View and Dr. Popp, and Cynthia Barsworth, chief drink engineer for the corporation. They knowingly put an ingredient in their new soda that caused terminal liver cancer in several dozens of individuals with a certain condition, just because the ingredient was cheaper than the alternative. Our client has figured out the soda caused it and has evidence, but it was covered up by Kane and Barsworth. He has decided to bypass the law, and get revenge.

Setting: The main Fountain View Corporation campus, with a large drink-making factory, a large corporate office building, a smaller bottling plant, a large shed for a new machine, a river nearby, a security guard station, and several small restaurants

Guards: Kane, after a few death threats from some less connected victims, has surrounded himself with a small team of private security with grey suits and green ties, while Barsworth is surrounded by campus security guards in blue shirts and pants and black baseball caps.


Find the missing key that is needed to turn on a metal recycling machine, and put it on the groundskeepers desk. Then, disguise as a drunken machine inspector who's at a restaurant's bar, take Kane and one security guard to the inspection, take Kane up with you on a scissor lift, ask the guard to go to the opposite side to turn on the machine with the key you got back, and then push Kane in to the metal shredding machine.


Cynthia Barsworth is having the ceremonial first drink of her latest soda in front of press, 8DOWN. However, the custom individual can making machine is broken, and the three mechanics are striking outside the factory. Knock one out, take his disguise, fix the machine, and poison the 8DOWN before it's canned, and watch her die in front of flashing cameras, or in the toilet if you use rat poison.

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Kane likes to go fishing by the river behind the groundskeeper's shed alone. Take one of his guard's disguises and find the missing fishing pole, give it to him, and then push him off when he's isolated.

Barsworth likes to go inspect the gauges on the drink mixing machines. Disguise as a factory worker, and then turn gauges on one machine all the way down, then, go up some stairs on the machine, and loosen an attached part of the machine, that vibrates the higher the gauges are. Barsworth will see the gauges are off, turn them back on, and then be crushed by the loosened machine attachment.

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