Hitman 2

Game Show Level

Hitman2 - Game Show Level

Two targets in a filming studio where there is a game show going on. The targets are Kevin Dawson, producer of the game show, Truth or Fear. The goal is to answer increasingly difficult questions, earning $5,000 per question. All of the funds are donated and Truth or Fear can't actually use them. Once you get a question wrong, you have the choice to do something scary or give up all the money you've earned. He and the other target, Nick Polinski, the game show contestant, are working together to scam Iron Shield Insurance. Dawson gives Polinski the answers beforehand, so he gets them right every time. Once a contestant earns three million dollars, Iron Shield has to pay Truth of Fear three million, which Dawson will use for himself while Polinski will also have three million. A manager for the show figured this out, and was promptly killed in an "accident". Polinski can earn a maximum of 2.9 million total, so he cannot scam Iron Shield just yet.

Setting: In a recording studio, in a large gated area. The game show will be in the large main building, while a couple of other buildings will be filming small sitcoms, a large office building for the executives, and a few restaurants.

Guards: Polinski is extremely paranoid about being killed, and is surrounded by studio guards, wearing tan shirts, pants, and caps, even a few are on stage during the game show. Dawson isn't as nervous, and has a small team of personal guards in grey jackets and blue ties.



Polinski's prep team is told to not return to his room until finding a specific towel that Polinski wants his nervous sweat to be wiped with. Knock out one member, take the towel, convince the guard in the room to leave because Polinski wants to be alone, call Polinski over, and strangle him with the towel in his prep room. 47 can say something creepy right before to calm his nerves like "You don't have to worry anymore,"

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Another manager has figured out Dawson's scheme, but is willing to keep quiet for part of the fortune. Another accident would look too suspicious, so Dawson wants to meet with him to make a deal. Disguise as the blackmailer, meet Dawson alone, and eliminate him.

Disguise as a stagehand, switch out the question cards so the Polinski gets them wrong. The first Fear is drinking a mystery drink with lots of disgusting ingredients. Add one more, lethal or rat poison. If lethal, he dies on the stage, if rat poison, he runs to the nearest bathroom, as the filming is cut, where you can drown him.

Dawson has claustrophobia, so he has his own personal elevator in his office building. Disguise as an elevator mechanic, and severely whittle down the cable in plain sight, so that when he gets on, the cable snaps and he dies.

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