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Gameplay differences between Season 1 & 2 and Absolution

Hitman5 - Gameplay differences between Season 1 & 2 and Absolution

So I have been playing a lot of Absolution recently since I have been unable to play the new ones and there are several small gameplay differences between the two that not a lot of people notice but it is nice to compare. Surprisingly, there are some things that Absolution does better than the new Seasons.

Things Absolution did better:

-The radar at the bottom is honestly more helpful. You could see the direction the NPC is heading which is super useful, and most importantly, the NPC are coloured. Yellow NPCs means they have heard a distraction, Orange means they are hunting you, Red means they are in combat with you. Really helps..

-If NPC's notice a dead body they will never go back to their usual routine and will be in panic mode for the rest of the level.

-If civilians are in panic mode, they can still spot you trespassing and doing illegal things. However, they will not spot you if you have the same disguise as them as they usually do.


-If you are caught trespassing without doing any other criminal activity and then hide, everyone will go back to their routine. You are still in a trespassing zone and will be caught, but you will not be deemed suspicious if you went back to the non trespassing zone. Even though you got shot by the same guards 5 minutes ago. Still super useful to use in gameplay.

-You can use any disguise and any weapon you collected in the whole game for Contracts Mode. There is even unique dialogue for NPCs who see you with a Heavy Militia Disguise.

Things Absolution did worse:

-The radar does not show walls. I mean yeah.

-There is no way to knock out an NPC other than choking and you cannot choke targets. Blunt weapons choke the NPC when you're behind them instead of hitting them.

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-If an NPC sees another NPC getting killed or shot, they will immediately know where you are and who you are and will engage in combat mode.

-Checkpoints. Just checkpoints.

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