Hitman 2

Gear I would like in H3

Hitman2 - Gear I would like in H3

So yeah everyone is speculating on what they want out of Hitman 3's gear… I thought I would join in on that action.

A multitool: I want basically a lockpick that doesn't open locks but does all the interactions that requires a special tool in the map. Basically a screwdriver/ wrench/ crowbar meshed into one but can't be thrown (Like the lockpick can't be thrown)… Not really overpowered so much as just handy and a time saver from hunting down tools. With a lock pick and this you could in theory interact with most things in map that doesn't require specific items. (Yeah I know that most items that need tools can just be shot for the same effect… But I want a more professional tool for those jobs… And if I'm using a dart gun I would like the utility of a ballistic gun handy)

A hybrid remote proximity bomb: I would like a bomb you can place down but then have the ability to place the activation sensor elsewhere. Imagine placing a bomb on a chandelier wench then placing the proximity trigger on the ground underneath it. Target walks under the chandelier and the bomb is triggered and he is squished all while you are busy focusing on other things in the map… To balance this the bomb should be suspicious… And yeah the same issues with proximity bombs apply: Anyone can set them off.


-More dakka (guns): I want basically more… Basic non-tacticool guns. I want Revolvers and double barreled shotguns. I also want a few fun "Kill everyone run" guns. Like Light machine guns and the like… While I'm a huge proponent for playing silently… I do feel that shootouts are fun now and then and the focus has been so heavy on stealth mechanics that having the odd bit of gear for a loud run would be nice. 🙂 Just something there for the players that want to play that way.

-Body Armor: Similar to more dakka. It'd be nice to have body armor as a gear option so you could tank a little bit more damage… It takes up one gear slot. For stealth players they would prolly load out with gear that helps with stealth and not bring the body armor… But then if shit hits the fan and they are the type to shoot it out and not just reload… They will be cursing why they didn't wear their armor.

More cases that aren't "briefcases": I would love to see more cases in the game that just add variety and flavor in old Hitman game fashion… Like Stuffing small weapons into roasted chickens to pass a frisk as a chef… Rose boxes to hide Shotguns. Tool boxes to hide anything while you are disguised as workers. Violin Cases when you wanna ice a mook. Capiche'?

Anyways that's what I got. What do ya folks thing? Anything you want to see in H3?

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