Hitman 2

Going back to Contract after Blood Money

Hitman5 - Going back to Contract after Blood Money

So this is a follow up to this previous thread. After Blood Money, I went to play its big brother.

> I just watched the opening then stared at the main menu. It's already darker than the 2016 entry and Blood Money combined together. Like, take a nice, clean and polished painting, then piss on it, spit blood on it, and throw it somewhere in a random dark shitty room while it's raining outside. That's how the transition feels like.

> For such an old thing, it's still quite good to look at. There are still big muscular strong men and good looking women in great numbers, but there seems to be more body types too. Like chubby dudes, average people or even Texas-sized Walrus-like monstruous beast of a human with the ugliest shitty face I've ever seen.

> The art style is similar to Blood Money, with some kind of grim/bland filter above it. Everything feels dirty and cold, when it's not downright disgusting or gory. This game is seriously creepier than the sequels. Blood Money felt like it was horny, Contract feels like the game is sick as fuck and needs to shower before going to bed with its meds.

> 47 can't use his bare hands anymore. No punches, no strangulation, nothing. Running to an ennemy without any weapon is now suicide. Pure and simple. The first time I discovered this, I felt retarded ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

> The soundtrack is similar to Blood Money, and even has the same latin chores in some parts. However, it's waaaay more agitated and somehow angrier than anything in Blood Money or 2016.

> The soundtrack does a great job to translate the global atmosphere of the various levels into clear and audible poetry like "LOOK AT THIS FUCKED UP THING GOING ON THERE HOLY FUCK DID YOU SEE THE DEAD HORSES YET ? YEAH THE ONES NEAR THE PEOPLE HAVING SEX IN LEATHER, COOL STUFF HUH ? ALSO DO YOU LIKE RAIN ?"

> It's past midnight and raining in every. Single. Levels. They got all the rain. All of it. The entire ocean is pouring into this game. Yet you can clearly see a beautiful full moon without any cloud in the sky sometimes.

> The gameplay is similar to Blood Money, but the AI is not.
xa0NyTR - Going back to Contract after Blood Money

God. The AI.

> The Guards want to kill 47 if he's running

> The Guards want to kill 47 if he's not walking fast enough

> The Guards want to kill 47 if he's standing there doing nothing

> The Guards want to kill 47 without any warning if he's in a restricted area for less than 0.01 sec

> The Guards want to fuckin murder the shit of you on a cellular level no matter what. You're there ? Fuck you. Bullets.

> Success is impossible unless you avoid ALL the guards all the time, or if forced, quickly walk past them. QUICKLY.


> Too-bad-you-were-not-quick-enough-eat-those-bullets-poor-fucktard : The Game

> Problem is : In this game, 47 is somehow super relaxed, walking very slowly without giving any fuck.

> When you try to be stealthy, he's even slower, so either your target is not moving either you're fucked.

> You're fucked anyway. Like, as a player, but also as 47. That's the story of the game. 47-got-rekt : The Game

> The story is kinda meh. You got shot and the entire game is a giant flashback while you're dying inside a piss poor motel. At some point, a random fat beer-belly medic sent by the Agency tries his best to get you back. After the awesome classy "death-is-pure-art" story of Blood Money and all its background political stuff, I was kinda disappointed by this aspect of the title. Nice connections to one particular level of Blood Money, tho.

> However I'm telling you, the kind of crazy dark atmosphere this game is getting is UNREAL. It can't even happen. Beside the trigger-happy hateful AI, this atmosphere make the various locations very enjoyable and immersive. All of the contracts were clever and well designed according to my tastes, if honestly harder than the sequels (my opinion).

> The Weapon customization of Blood Money does not exist in there (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

> All the Weapons feel very good to open fire with. Especially the Silver Ballers. God they are so lethal, powerful and smooth in there. You wouldn't believe. Whenever I decide to go for "kill everyone" runs, I simply switch to these beauties and make people explode, or backflip with some sweet and blessed bullets in the head. Once again, it's great to be able play in 1st person view instead of being locked in the usual 3rd person view.

> The AI seems to have a better sense of self-preservation than Blood Money, at least. They take covers, They can be neutralized without being killed if you aim right, they can even ambush you. They are still dumb enough to be easily killed whenever you give up on the SA rank and go on atrocious bloody rampage. Oh those poor fucks.

> Poor, poor guards indeed. They're all hard and big until you take your guns. And giving how frustrating the guards can be, the violent rampages feel SO DAMN GOOD in Contract. It's not murder. It's genocide.

> I'll end this by saying that the guards mostly give 0 fuck. When they find a dead body, they will check if the victim is really dead, and if yes, they will stare at the corpse for a few seconds before shrugging and happily going back to their little routine, letting their dead friend/ally on the ground, in his blood, to rot. Savage.

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