Hitman 2

Here are a few suggestions for future features that I believe would be great!

Hitman1 - Here are a few suggestions for future features that I believe would be great!
  • Some sort of currency system to buy gear. I really liked how in Blood Money you started off without a silencer and you had to buy upgrades through levels. I know this could clash with the story as the ICA is sort of down, but could still be interesting. It would make it a bit more difficult for newcomers to just run an gun, as you would have no silencer at first. Not only would you unlock gadgets through mastery, but you would be able to buy upgrades for all sorts of things.

  • A reputation system where enemies are more alert if you did a bloodbath on a previous level. In Blood Money, I remember seeing the newspaper after each level with a rating, such as "Psychopath murders everyone at Paris opera", and have a notoriety after each level. If you weren't silent and killed too many people, the next level would have more guards or they would be more alert. I know this didn't do much in practice, but in theory it was quite cool. It would be interesting in Hitman if you start not being stealthy and being spotted, people would start to recognize you more easily or have guards more alert on other levels.

  • Have a less Hollywood-ish story connecting Agent 47 and his victims. Back in older games, you were assigned a contract and fulfilled your contract. I feel like in newer games, you are always connected to your targets in some way. I preferred the feeling of just being a gun for hire who completes mission and gets money for them.

  • Have enemies that can call backup on certain levels. I remember in A new life in Blood Money that FBI backup would be called if you got noticed trying to kill your target. I think it would be a great addition that on certain levels where it would make sense to do so, to have backup that would almost be infinite. An example where this would not be appropriate would be Isle of Sigail. It's normal you can't just call more backup on an island. However, levels like Miami, or anything that regards police would make sense. Imagine in Whittleton Creek that if you got really loud, police backup would be called. If you started killing too many of them, they would call swat, etc. Kind of like a rating in GTA, where police gets stronger the more you kill them. I understand it wouldn't make sense that the cartel could call an unlimited amount of cartel members to kill you, but locations like Miami should have a mechanism where civilians can call the police and then they start adding more enemies to the level. This would be very difficult to implement, but would add a big challenge. If you want to make it even more awesome, add an option to enable or disable this. This would make the game very difficult. If you get detected, people would not only get guards, but they could call 911, and that would make it very difficult for you, but still let a way to disable this because it could be frustrating to have like 50 more armed guards that arrive out of no where.

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