Hitman 2

Here’s a text guide on Master SA-SO on every level of Hitman 2, just as III is coming out (feel free to suggets easier methods, i followed guides only for 1 mission)

Hitman4 - Here's a text guide on Master SA-SO on every level of Hitman 2, just as III is coming out (feel free to suggets easier methods, i followed guides only for 1 mission)

In all of these missions except Finish Line i prefer using the Krugermeier, but if you use a pistol instead of a sniper in Showstopper, bring the Silverballer instead.

Whenever i suggest a non-lethal melee weapon, the Claw Hammer or the Small Goldbar are the best, as they're not illegal.


Start from the barge, bring coins and a lockpick. Optional: Sieger 300 Ghost if you don't feel like using the silverballer, or your mouse's DPI at minimum sensitivity isn't low enough. If you do that, the lockpick has to be stashed under the big stairs.

  • Get your sniper and once you're through the gate, throw a coin over the wall to distract the couple of bodyguards, then sneak through the first hedge gap, stay close to it to avoid being seen by Kruger and a nearby security guy. Once you're past the helicopter align yourself with a bodyguard passing by and a planter. Past him, sneak to the statue's left border, and from there snipe a chandelier Dalia moves under after her speech, in the room to the left of the action.

  • Leave the rifle and move through the planters to not be seen by Kruger, and also mind of a bodyguard that can see you after the first gap between the hedges. Wait for the bodyguards ahead to move, then stop in the middle of a hedge before the bodyguards you distracted at the beginning. After the photographer moves past you you'll shoot a camera in front of you, the bodyguards will hear the shot if you're too close. Sneak all the way to the horizontal hedge, then through the Sanguine plastic wall and you'll be back into public space, then retrieve your lockpick.

  • Go to the bathroom closest to the guard before the prize room, past the Helmut Kruger poster, and throw something after the woman moves away. Stay in when the guard checks what's up, or his AI resets and gives you no access. Past him, lockpick open the big door and shoot a camera while still indoors (between the door and its frame to avoid being spotted), then make sure a staff member to the left of the door is facing away from you, and hide behind a wall before the stairs to the basement. If you want to save, do it now.

  • Climb up the pipe, don't worry about a detection HUD as it'll wear off. Sneak into the rectangular room to the right, then hang a left, open the door and you'll be facing 2 technicians. Destroy both the camera near your door and the other side, then sneak past them, wait for an incoming guard to go away, then if you got all the timings right, as the guard goes away Novikov should get in position. Once he is, shoot the speaker to drop it on his head. Quickly, or his bodyguard dies aswell (don't wait for his icon on the minimap to stop, shoot before it does). You can use a micro explosive and leave if a guard patrolling the corridor would notice the shot, he will only be hit, not pacified.

  • Exit from the pipe you climbed, be wary of the waiter, then exit from the basement, and if you were slightly spotted before, shoot the surveillance box. There's a guard that stops on both entrances to the room and a camera, so wait for him to go away and close the door.


Start from default, bring a lockpick.

  • For safety, i disable cameras from the office above the city hall/lawyer Bravuomo's office instead of later on.

  • From the van accident site, sneak into the lookout tower and get out into the cliff near the limo, and pick up at least one brick. Unlock the door, go to the green plumber and stay behind a waiter having a smoke. Move past him when he moves and keep forward to come up a small laundry area, to come out in a hall where the chef bell is. From here, sneak into the observatory and upstairs to get the Memento videotape (2 more guards here, added by Master mode, wait for one to leave outdoors). Silvio should now be writing memoirs. Wait for him and the guards to leave behind a door after the stairs, a guard usually comes here but he conveniently won't while you wait. After that, insert the tape in, he'll immediately 180 inside the observatory (who wouldn't want to listen to Ritorna A Me?), hide in the nearby box, and exit once the guards leave and close the door. Shoot Silvio and hide him, then exit the observatory from where you first came from, minding the new guards outdoor who may almost spot you on your way out.

  • Head towards a maid cleaning the floor and hang a right into a small kitchen, and wait for a waiter to go talk to her (or if he doesn't, as sometimes he doesn't, and instead stays outside to have a smoke, sneak past him), go outside through the door, do a 180 to climb through the window into the bathroom, then throw a coin to make them turn around, while hidden by the door. To the right and upstairs, wait for a guard to pass by, then take cover on a pillar on the left and throw the second coin for the male maid to turn around, otherwise he looks at you first. Climb through the open window and into a balcony where Francesca comes to talk to superiors.

  • Shoot the power strip to expose wires, then wait for a guard to your left to stop hanging on the window to turn on the water and create a pool, and immediately turn it off . There's a guard near where you arrived that may notice the water if you leave it open, and get electrocuted. If he doesn't, Francesca will walk to her death in a bit. Go back to the female maid following the same path, using the last coin on the male maid before the window, and approach the garden. Once the gardener just in front of you moves, stay behind his head, he turns left to talk to the other gardener. You're now at Mother Caruso's grave.

  • A guard here may have bugged AI and stand still all the time, instead of properly patrolling. Get rid of him and hide him in the tall grass. Now, to clear the bridge to the ruins, put a weapon near the tall grass, pick up the nearby hammer and lure, then pacify the guard that moves to look to the right side of the bridge. When near the tall grass, he won't spot the body, and the guard far away near the gardener won't see him get pacified. Do the same steps for him, then unlock the door to your left after the bridge (the gardener never turns around). You're now heading to the lab without a keycard.

  • A guard added in master mode is close to the plane, cycling between using the binoculars and moving to the left. Wait for him to use the binoculars, then lure him to a nearby box. Nobody will see you pacify him (if you lure him in his other positions, he doesn't turn around enough to allow you to get close). After that it's the same ol' stuff, ledge to the side of the big rock, climb the step and shoot the pointy rock which will land on the virus, then use the plane to exit.


Start from default, bring a non-lethal melee inside a briefcase

  • Rush to the shoe shop and enter it by vaulting the wall to the top right. Retrieve the melee when you're in the shop, or the shoe vendor will notice you. Throw a coin so it lands AFTER the green door leading to the tunnel, the only way to make the guard that forgot to leave the keycard go investigate. Once he does, and the other guy crouches down near the box, rush in and quickly: bonk the guard sitting down with the melee, throw the melee on the guy crouched down, and throw the briefcase at the guard investigating the noise. Dump 2 bodies on the box and clear the area.

  • The first tunnel's room has 2 more guards. Wait for the one to move to go to your right, then throw a coin at the left wall, making both guards face opposite directions, allowing easy pacifications. Dump the bodies and drag the one upstairs here, and from now on there's no need to hide bodies at all. Progress through the tunnel luring away guards, and you'll come out to the garage. Climb up to go inside the empty room with a generator, and use it to distract a guard who would always spot you, then wait by the window. While he's coming in shoot the camera in between rooms, then pacify the guard, no need to hide him.

  • Wait for the guy on the table to go into the room to the right, then sneak to the stairs, you'll see 2 consulate guards just start a conversation about the safety protocol. Use a sound distraction on the flat platform before the stairs to lure one guard. If it's the guy who asks the other "if he's got the procedure right", then it's better as the other guard just turns around and never hears you throw a melee on the other's head. Once both guards are dealt with, drag them halfway across the stairs. Enter the consulate and exit the room from the back, and save.

  • Next bit is really tricky, you're getting the safe combination for Cherry Blossom. There's 2 guards looking down from the middle of the stairs, and one that cycles between 1st floor centered for an overall good look, or downstairs. Hide behind a couch under the right stairs so that another nearby passing guard doesn't see you, once that's done, run at full speed for a little bit to get the attention of one of the guards above so he turns away. Sneak into the bathroom stall with the safe combination. In case one of the guards is coming to you, move into the other stall.

  • Remember the guard i mentioned the cycle of before? Wait for him to climb up the stairs, he'll walk with his back turned for a little bit once he's in the upper floow. Rush into a nearby column to stop the guy you distracted by running before from seeing you, then try to get under him. Back into the back area, where there's a consulate guard and a soldier, destroy a camera mounted on the center. There's also a guard that cycles between stopping in front of them, and going into a side room to have a drink. Follow him and pacify him.

  • Return to the guard and the soldier, the guard should be going upstairs. Throw a coin behind the soldier, pacify him and hide him in the stairs that lead to the garage, for which you need the keycard to access. Once the guard is back, pacify him too and hide him on the stairs he climbed, as no one ever goes there. Now take care of the camera system, there's an additional guard that patrols the back entrance to the room, but he can be disposed of easily. Return to the upper floor and unlock either one of the doors that leads into the room before Claus' office, and wait for him. He has no guards and is not an enforcer, so you can close the doors as soon as he walks in and shoot him.

  • Clear Claus's office of guards, open the safe and call Reza for the Cherry Blossom opportunity. Rush to the tunnel without being seen, and return to the shoe shop's back alley. Like Claus, Reza has no bodyguard and isn't an enforcer, so just shoot him in the alley. To get out, wait for both guards on the checkpoint to face the same direction, vault the same wall and get out from the main entrance


Start from default, bring coins

  • Skip the cutscene and immediately rush to a blind spot in the restaurant, it's near a table where a few guests sit in later, and gives you cover from a nearby guard. From here, no one can see you shoot, and Ken Morgan will head to the restaurant leaving his guard behind. Shoot the chandelier above him when he speaks to the cook.

  • Climbing up the ladders in the left side of the restaurant, head to the door to the roof from the public area, Save if you keep failing and don't want to wait for Ken everytime, and through the camera, take cover on the left wall. Take a few steps to the left when in cover. Wait for the groundkeepers to end the conversation, then throw a coin to distract one after the other one is far away. The steps to the left are to avoid the guy from telling you to pick up the coin, that'll lose you a sound distraction

  • The crew members passed on the floor will only wake up with nonsilenced guns. Shoot a camera after a crew member goes far enough, then look in the room where the Mail opportunity would show up. Wait for every crew member to face the TV, then sneak in, close the bedroom door and subdue the lone crew member. Hide him near the bed so you can open the door with safety. Go up the pipe, then hide in the balcony until a couple bodyguards are with their backs on you. Move quickly past the bathroom as they themselves go to the bathroom, but not too far in it. It's recommended to save now.

  • Now being close to jordan's booth, wait for him to be out of the area, then throw the second coin in the corridor to make the crew member facing your direction turn around, the wrench won't work. Pick up the screwdriver past them and throw it at the bookcase past the guards in the next room. When the black guard notifies command, hide behind the desk, then exit the room once's he's back into position.

  • Now wait for a bodyguard that turns 180 at a time to move away, then climb the stairs to the upper floor. You'll be almost spotted, but never enough to cause the guy to move to you. Enter the center door which goes into Jordan's bedroom, pick up the 3 soda cans and wait for him to pass by. Then open the door when he's close, lure him in with a coin and shoot him. Nobody ever goes there so you can even not hide him.

  • To get out, do whatever you did to make people distracted on your way in. In the room where you threw the screwdriver, use the Letter Opener you found on the desk, and use your last coin for the crew members near the booth. Use the first soda can on the groundskeeper on your way out, wait for him to stop smoking to have a better angle. You can't use the speedboat, so you'll have to exit from the staff area just to the left of where you start. Use the first soda can to lure away the guard near the staff area entrance once no one sees you throwing it. Sneak in and destroy the camera. Close the doors and place your weapon just in front of it. Once the guard that goes back and forth is further away, lure in the guard looking at the exit with the second soda can, so he sees your weapon and moves closer to you. Close the door and subdue him. Now just wait for the other guard to patrol away and make your exit!


Start from default, bring coins and a non-lethal melee. Krugenmeier is also very important. This is by far the hardest and longest master SASO, but i only used 1 save checkpoint instead of multiple. was almost gonna skip this one lmao

  • Make your way to Ezra's tiny storage house: When you start, shoot a camera mounted on the wall just before the window to the hay bales, then wait for a demo expert to approach and stand on a hay bale, then reach the barn and vault over the fence again. To your left, vault over the barn window just before the 2 entrance guards, but only once that a guard moving inside the room to your left to turn around. Once that's done, go on ahead and you'll reach the slurry pit. Stay on the wall, and with instinct look for a guard to move near a gap in the wall and crouch down, once he does progress (mission timer now is around 1:05). The wall now is interrupted by a couple trees, and ahead there's 2 spec ops guys. Stop at the 1st tree, and go as right as you can, then with the use of instinct shoot down a camera mounted above Maya's barn's back entrance. Hugging the wall and the trees, you'll reach the back area of the barn and eventually ezra's house.

  • The couple of guards there look at each other at 1:30, once that happens throw one coin to lure the outer guard (not too far, aim for the power generator and make the coin not bounce), then a coin inside the house to make the other guard turn around. Pacify the first guy, then wait for the 2nd to go investigate (he'll notify command), and throw the melee at him, picking up the poison. Hide both, then hide in the locker until Ezra comes, and shoot him. Don't hide him (not even if target lockdown happens, nobody will check on him) and immediately rush to the upper floor of Maya's barn. Wait for the couple spec ops there, until one looks down the binocular and the other sits on a chair. Pacify the first guy, then subdue the other.

  • Sean Rose will check on the training, then leave by the front exit, but don't drop the hay on him, wait for Maya, then shoot the wire to drop it on her. She won't hear a Krugenmeier's shot, while the ICA19 somehow startles her and makes her stop. How to get the timing right for the fall: when the upper half of her target symbol on the minimap crosses the line that marks the barn's walls, shoot the wire.

  • Take the same route you took to reach Ezra's house, but backwards, until you vault out of the barn in the demolition area. You'll be near a bit of tall grass that leads into the testing field, and there's a guard looking down on his laptop, making his cone of vision tighter. Wait until the 19 minute mark (very long i know…) and Sean Rose will go test the explosives. This is a save checkpoint. Throw a coin in the grass aiming for the danger sign and this will make Rose investigate himself, while also breaking the pattern of the guards looking at him, making them go away. The guard on the laptop will return there. Don't throw it too much to the right, or it will attract one of the guards across the wall instead of him, then shoot him once he's stopped.

  • With him dead, proceed towards a tractor, go on to its left (this is near the guards conversating about who should be in charge of operation), and sneak to the back of the Barracks once the guy working on the car goes back near the side door. There's a camera, but it can be ignored. From the left side of the barracks, enter the orchard from the left-most gap in the wall. If you're fast, a couple of guards at your left should be disbanding, and a technician will pass you by later. Enter the first tiny foliage, then the second one making sure you enter it slow. There's another high grass zone after the planters, go in it and after Penelope has put her bottle down save, throw a coin (otherwise it's bugged into her hand). The left guard from a nearby couple (the ones saying "if there's a perp, would you taze him or shoot a limb with a shotgun" or "did you see the moon last night") will go investigate, pacify him once he's turned around to go back, and hide him at the very edge of the foliage area in front of you.

  • When Penelope leaves the greenhouse, a guard moves in. Turn off the generator then back on to lure him out, then throw a coin at the wooden wall of the planters to lure him, then again one in the foliage, so you can pacify him and hide him. If you only throw the latter coin, he goes the other way around and spots the body. Once he's done, sneak into the greenhouse and poison Penelope's water. Now wait inside for a guy to take a piss, and return into the foliage once he's turning back. Return to the left side of the barracks from where you came and hide in a little angle near the barracks bathroom window, then wait for penelope's death about 27-28 minutes in, and exit.


Start from default, bring Scramblers, lethal poison and smuggle another dose of poison in the morgue

  • Skip the cutscene and immediately rush into Jason Portman's room, the first after the elevator. Restart the mission by replanning until you get him to leave his room a bit later (how to know if it's right: when he gets into instinct range, he has yet to cross the door, his walking direction is diagonal towards you), so you can avoid using a scrambler. skimmy into Yamazaki's room as fast as possible, past the guards in the balcony (no need to distract them, just wait for the guard further away to turn his head back), poison her water then get out, she'll die shortly after.

Note: if you're not too fast and Yuki enters the room while you're still not outside in the balcony, wait for the guards on the sofa to get in position then get out

  • Head to the garden, and go down the pipe to the left. Hang on the ledge until the guard on the phone faces away, then go to the morgue. It's recommended to save now. Now wait for one bodyguard coming in from the door in front of you to go away, and for another bodyguard to head to the corridor to your entrance first, then go face the stem cells room. If you're taking cover, wait for him to turn, otherwise the timing slides and the 1st guard returns.

  • Follow this last guy, take cover behind the stretcher (not too much or your hitbox bugs and you end up on top of it) and shoot the camera near the stem cells once he slightly turns, before the door closes. He'll go upstairs to check the sound for some reason, even if he sees the bullet impact (won't alert anyone else in that case). Retrieve your poison and use it on the stem cells, pacifying the guard is optional.

Important note: The morgue doctors in this phase are randomly positioned. In my 2nd run where i wanted to prooftest my methods, the one that moves would face the other one when i would shoot the cameras, ruining my run. If that's your case, use instinct to see where the stem cell camera faces, slowly enter and hide on the wall to the right, then shoot the camera. If you shoot too late the guard will notice the impact and very likely spot you, this is why you save here.)

  • Go to the stairs leading into the stem cell treatment room and shoot a camera from behind cover, the surgeon girl might check on it. Wait for her to leave the room, then insert your stem cells in, killing soders. Quickly exit the morgue from where you came from making sure the security guard doesn't look at you, and rush to Nails' helicopter, pacifying a guard that patrols around Nails' stash. Even if the groundskeeper notices the sounds and goes to the bodyguards, you'll be able to get cover behind the helicopter in time.


Just poison the tea ingredients lol, use lethal first, then emetic second, no matter which one in particular.


Start from the marina, bring a lockpick Optional: Sieger 300 Ghost. A kill becomes less tedious and another allows you to get all the Classics in one go.

  • Rush to the cameramen's bridge and use the lockpick on the door, as you climb the stairs there's a guy coming your way, but then he turns towards the circuit and you can pacify him (note: if you don't have a briefcase or a non-lethal melee weapon, pick up the nearby crowbar). No need to hide the body, the other technician always looks down the camera. From here, shoot Sierra's car, either once with a sniper or 3 times with the ICA19 (be very accurate in this last case). Wait for her to go either almost, or all the way past the bridge to deliver the killing shot. If you shoot it just as she comes in from the corner, she crashes earlier and sometimes a non target dies. I have no clue who that may be, as the crash site is nowhere near explorable areas, and all the other racers keep going as if nothing happened.

  • Now go down to the parking lot from the stairs after the podium building, and reach the small room with a giant B on the wall, be very careful of a camera with wide view, unlock the door and go up the stairs. Before you climb the last coupls of stairs, there's a camera that would be otherwise concealed by the corridor, take care of it. Making sure nobody sees you, sneak to the back of the PALLAS test room and on the balcony. There's a camera to your left, get rid of it, and now get your sniper out and wait for Robert and his guard to come out, he does that when checking on Florida Man's stand. Hide on the set of boxes in the middle of the balcony. Once they're in position, pacify both with the briefcase (you can be spotted by robert), then shoot robert, or pacify the guard and shoot robert if you didn't bring a sniper.

Note: if you're as fast as possible and are not using a sniper, you may get lucky and reach the door to the balcony just as Robert checks on Florida Man, so wait for the bodyguard to turn, pacify him with the briefcase and shoot Robert.

  • To exit, either go through the garage to come out in the fountain area, then go through the underground tunnel with the drum guy to get out from the main entrance, OR if you didn't bring a sniper rifle…

  • …you can go to the upper floor and use Robert's helicopter. Wait for both guards to meet and start conversating, then take cover to the left of the door facing outside and throw a coin behind the one on the left, then sneak inside the park structure, vault the wall, sneak to the helipad gate, and from there you're safe


Start from default, bring a non-lethal melee and coins. In my experience, this is the hardest Master SASO in the base game, so i recommend setting up save checkpoints by restarting the mission, so you can practice each section.

  • Destroy the right camera and enter the mansion from the vine in the left wall. Destroy the other camera mounted on the wall, and proceed enough for the guards past the iron gate to start talking about Jorge Franco. This will stop a couple guards ahead from talking and staying in their position. Place yourself behind them and far enough to not hear the ICA19's shot, and destroy a camera far away that is only visible in instinct if you aim. After that's done, position yourself at the right end of the wall (you can even stand still), and after the guards are gone, throw a coin aiming at the tip of the tree's shadow. This will attract only the gardener to your left.

  • Now, in quick succession, hide from the guard with the planter, throw a coin close to the left end of the wall in front of you, and then take cover and walk to the right, aligning the camera with the wall to avoid the clunky cover system from stopping you in place with no way to recover, to avoid being spotted by a nearby maid. If it all goes right, the guard will investigate the coin, and the maid, after almost spotting you, will investigate your presence. After the guard passes the planter (he won't notify command), sneak past him and into the foliage behind him. Once he's back in position and the maid is past the wall, bonk him in the head with the melee weapon, then quickly hide him and his weapon.

  • Wait for the maid to stop cleaning the floor and walk away after walking all the way around the sofas like a weirdo, then head for a pipe concealed by the architecture that is just to the left of a window showing you rico's car, to climb up into Rico's bathroom. Open the door and shoot the painting while still inside, so the guard turns around. Quickly pacify him, get his gun and hide him in the bathroom. Do the same for Rico when he comes in. To get out, wait for the maid to stop cleaning the floor in that same spot, and then sneak between the small fountains and the wall with bushes on it. After the couple of guards (the same you didn't let talk earlier) are gone, throw a coin in the same fashion as before, to distract only one gardener. Line up the shot with the grey line after the small ladder tool. Go near the iron gate that leads to the coca fields, destroy the camera and hide from the patrolling guards in the foliage.

  • Reach a high tall weed area by revolving around the botany lab, careful about a couple guards patrolling the open path here. Destroy the camera mounted on the botany lab, as it can spot bodies through the weeds without giving you the BODY FOUND warning. Subdue anyone in very tall weeds between the botany lab and the production shed (more towards the lab), then do the same to Jorge when he passes by. Return the way you came from to go back into public space.

  • Position yourself midway through the northern stairs into the Cartel Hangout, and save. You'll kill Andrea with the hanging planter, so that's a single opportunity. Don't worry about accuracy, you can shoot the planter rather than having to snap the chain. Shoot earlier than you think, as the planter takes about 1.3 seconds to reach the ground. Once that's done, exit via the bus.


Start from the chawls, bring a briefcase containing lethal poison and a lockpick, and smuggle a Micro remote explosive at the beach. In this mission, your speed matters the least, the targets are drawn to you with definite triggers, rather than waiting for a specific part of their loop.

  • Retrieve the poison, snag the Kashmirian's sniper rifle and put it in your briefcase. He won't even notice, all he does is look down his binoculars. Now go all the way to the hidden ladder that leads to the table that the Maelstrom and her woman drink at, and poison the glass on the right. The ladder is near the entrance to the junkyard.

  • Now go to a house where your smuggled item is, lockpick open the door and enter while the guard that moves is out of the other door and take the can of spaghetti, then exit, wait for the same guard to go drink from the bottle and bonk both in the head. Hide both in a dresser downstairs. After the 2nd body hidden, wait for the nearby patrolling guards to come back and turn around again, or rush close to them if they're already going away. Follow them and lockpick the last door to the right, inside you'll find the brick of colored smoke.

  • There's 2 more guards on the house's roof, the ones who reveal to you the purpose of Colored smoke. While they speak, sneak to the left of the ladder leading to the sniper tower (the one that gets you a few challenges), and hit a tiny yellow button mounted on a silver pole, that will raise the flag and call the maelstrom to his death. Then wait for the guard on the roof to move either to the left or the right, plant the explosive on the boat's left structure, then approach the boat at the pier and detonate once you see them meet face to face. Shah's sister is close to the boat, but won't be hit, and the guard that moves on the roof, if close to the explosive when it blows, will only be ragdolled and damaged.


Start from default. This is pretty straight forward, in short you do the same thing twice, clear the targets' houses of guards then shoot them. Bring a Sieger 300 Ghost if you want to add Sniper Assassin to the list and get all the Classics in one go.

Note: Using sedatives on the fumigation machine won't work, when "Body Found" appears Silent Assassin is broken, unlike when you do that in New York.

  • Run into Cassidy's house from the garage after he's inside so he doesn't spot you, then play with the generator to lure in a guard, pacify him and hide him somewhere in the garage. Nobody goes there once you close the door, so it can be your stash for unconscious bodies. Do the same again around 90 seconds into the mission and you'll get Spencer Green, the beige overcoat guard, who gives you the first clue, a message revealing the Ark Society. Enter the room to destroy surveillance and pick up the videotape (although there's another way of revealing the meeting with the constant), then, with a game of double coin, throwing them on the wall and then near the generator, you lure in the guard outside by the fumigation machine and the guard that enters the house wielding a silenced SMG, then pacify them by throwing one of the objects in the garage. Once Cassidy arrives, do the same with his bodyguard, then wait again for his arrival to do the same with him, or be quick to shoot him before he opens the front door.

  • Anytime in the mission after dealing with Cassidy, go visit Batty to get the second clue, which reveals the date.

  • To get the key into Janus's house, either bring a lockpick to save yourself some trouble, or pacify the guard at the left side entrance to the garden. Once inside, same as before, use the generator to pacify a generic guard, then once Janus speaks to Helen on the phone, use coins to lure Gunther just like with Cassidy's guards. Janus then checks on the plate, goes outside for a bit, and once he's

  • Now to reveal the last clue, you can either:

Enter Lewinsky property and wait for the guards at the table to face away from the ladder both on your way in and out, or…

Pacify the guards upstairs at Janus's, get the Microfilm from the smallest room in the floor and play it in the attic of Wilson's. Funny how that's an illegal action with every disguise, but nobody will even reach the attic


Start from default, bring a non-lethal melee and a lockpick. I followed this guide by u/Left4DayZ1 and, thanks to my inability to follow the steps perfectly, made some modifications of my own which won't make the run more difficult, if you find this guide not useful you can try that one.

  • Rush to the crypt fast, it's reached from the deadend where an initiate bumbles about tokens (you'll be seen by a camera on your way), then sneak quickly as one ark member can see you here, the one looking at his phone by the stairs. Climb the ladder (tip: if you start climbing from fully standing, you can still press the crouch button to end up on the other end crouched), then approach the broken window on the left. Shoot the surveillance system, then get out (even if the raider is right by it, he won't notice bullet impact).

  • Sneak using the boxes and enemy patterns as cover. There's a couple raiders now heading away from you, and a custodian turning away from you, so you're good for that bit. Past the helicopter and the lone raider, there's a custodian using a clipboard by a statue. He can almost spot you, so either when he comes to you to investigate, or when he changes position, reach the pillars leading into the warehohuse building, and head for the corridor ending up wihth double doors, one ending up in the warehouse, the other one in the castle.

  • From here, lure the 2 blue guards to you, pacify them and hide them in the nearby box. You can enter the trespassing area while they're turning away, they're not programmed to notice you as you run into a restricted area. Also, they're not enforcers in the outdoors helipad area. Now position yourself near the curtains and with your pistol, aim for the last chandelier in the corridor that leads into the helipad (the door from where, if you were to go forward all the way, would lead to the chapel), and wait for Zoe. Once she's under it, shoot the chandelier.

Note: RNG can kill a run here: Blake Dexter may storm into the room with no way of making him turn around, or make him spot you less, so restart by replanning if that happens.

  • Immediately storm into the corridor and climb the pipe to the left, when going up there's another pipe, climb it and enter the room through the window. Nobody ever comes here, so you can save now. From here, reach the alarm clock, and wait for Sophia, she'll go investigate herself. Hide behind the box, and if her guard follows, quickly close the door and pacify him, then shoot Sophia.

  • Go back to the helipad area following the route you took your way in, then make the lone raider move with a coin and rush to the helicopter to exit.


Start from default, bring a briefcase, a lockpick and scramblers.

  • Rush quickly to lockpick open the office door at Lost Items, or the guard working there turns around and sees you. Destroy the camera ahead, and use a scrambler to access the vault back area. From here open the cabinet to the left which has Chloroform, and use it on the ventilation to make the guards pass out (BODY FOUND warnings won't break SA in this case). Once in the vault, hide the core in the briefcase and pick up all the goldbars. Go back upstairs and exit the restricted area to the door on the left, reaching the waiting lounge. There's a "staff only" set of stairs that is unguarded, only seen by a guard in front of it and briefly. Go up to the stock market and hide behind the empty desk, OR…

After climbing the stairs, open the double door to the left and take cover behind them to stop them from closing, and observe Mateo Perez and Fabian Mann. If you take cover behind the desk, they talk for a few minutes, but if you haven't saved yet, waiting for them to finish can get tedious. Move to the desk once either Perez walks away, or Mann enters the stock market room.

  • Wait until Fabian Mann stops at the other end of the room to check on the stock market, don't get close or a script starts with a nearby banker. Once he heads back to the Staircase room, follow him and take cover on the boxes with the Letter Opener on them (careful as a nearby female worker can turn around and see you). Once mann has climbed a bit of the stairs, throw one gold bar near the window, precisely at the angle of the black square outline on the floor, to distract the guard on the right. Once he's started walking towards the sound, move slightly to the left to be more in cover and throw another bar in the small dead end to the left of the stairs, to distract the one on the left, the steps are to avoid him from looking towards you first, then notifing command, THEN turning, it tightens the window a bit too much.

  • As you approach the conference room, using Instinct you should be able to identify a woman, the right-most outline in the room (the one that spots the Krondite files if you put them there). She's the only npc that can give you problems, when she walks from the missing files to the big table she can spot you. Hug the left wall, then sneak behind the planters and behind the assistant's desk, use a Scrambler on the small side room to reach Athena's office. When you're there, if the one guard staying in front of athena's desk, who switches from left to right pillar, is on the right pillar, sneak to take cover behind the sofa near athena's award, then wait for her to head to her private chamber. When she's about to stop her phone call, save.

  • Throw a bar at the guard to the left of the clock, then one on the guard staying ahead of the desk, then if you have time one on athena's guard, then shoot her in the head. This is the best case scenario, but he guard that switches position has a very long pause between positions, so noticing the little animation before switching can be challenging. If he spots the first guard you pacify by turning around, load the save and throw a gold bar near the front door, once athena's bodyguard has gone past the double door.Take the secret exit keycard from the private chamber, and use it to exit.


Start from the pool area, bring a lockpick and a remote explosive, and stash lethal poison in your hut.

  • Immediately rush to Steven's island. There's a couple cameras ahead, move perpendicularly past them to avoid both. Destroy the couple of cameras at the island while hidden in foliage that allows you to aim and stay hidden. Sneak just to the left of the bridge, if you cross it a guard is programmed to spot you. Reach the foliage once the guard that moves goes to the right (he should already be there when you arrive), and use the foliage to your advantage to reach the tiny bar. Pacify the black guy, the bartender and the guard to the right, hiding them in the foliage. Plant the explosive on Steven's scooter, exit the island from where you came from and give him the keys. Once you see him move fast with Instinct, detonate. If you miss it by being too focused on the mission, he'll ride the speedboat again around the 14th minute.

  • Now rush to Jason Portman's hut, the top left one. Go to his house's bathroom, lure in the guy sitting, pacify him and hide him in a nearby box. Wait for Portman and do the same, then shoot the water tank and the power strip and turn on power to set up an electrocution, that's Vetrova taken care of.

  • Go to the left side entrance of Tyson's mansion, and shoot a camera on the upper floor, this may startle the maid but it's nothing to worry about. Then vault the wall to the left of the door, sneak into Tyson's bedroom from the glass double door and poison his pills. He'll die almost 16 minutes in. Now enjoy the best of the Maldives have to offer as you wait for Tyson's death, then exit in anyway you want

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