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Hitman 2 PC Patch Notes

Hitman5 - Hitman 2 PC Patch Notes

We’re preparing to release a hotfix for PC to address two critical that we’ve seen reported since launch. We are looking to release this update in the morning of Friday 16 November (CET time) unless something comes up unexpectedly.

We expect the download to be approximately 200mb and these are the issues that are being addressed:

We’ve made a change to our HDR setup on PC. It is now possible to play HITMAN 2 in HDR in Exclusive Fullscreen. For this to work, it is necessary to disable the ‘HDR and WCG’ option in Windows 10 under the ‘Display’ menu.
We’re continuing to work on and improve this feature in future updates.


Phenom CPU Fix
We’ve fixed an issue that could cause players with an AMD Phenom CPU to crash to desktop when launching a HITMAN 2 mission. This issue should no longer occur.

We’re giving you this heads-up to set some expectations. We’re also continuing to look at all issues reported.

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