Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Randomizer Mod [Release]

Hitman2 - Hitman 2 Randomizer Mod [Release]


I'm happy to announce the release of an item randomizer mod I've been working on for a while. If you have re-played the game a lot and are looking for a fresh experience, this might be exactly what you are looking for.
The mod randomizes (almost) all the level items, NPC weapons, stash items and 47's starting gear each time you start a level. The randomizer works under a number of constraints that ensure that all important key and quest items can still be found in the level. The source code and the mod files are available here.

Some important things you should know before playing:

  • Only the DX12 binary is currently supported. You can change to DX12 in the launcher options. Support for DX11 will follow soon.
  • Restarting, re-planning and loading save files is not supported. If you want to restart, go to the main menu and start a new game.
  • Only the 14 main missions from Hitman 1 & 2 are currently supported. I’ll add support for the reworked levels soon if there is an interest in that.
  • I left most of the cut content items in the randomization pool so you might find some interesting items while exploring. Don’t be surprise if some of them don’t work properly though, there is usually a reason why they are not in the game.

    How to install the mod:

  • Drop all the mod files into ..SteamsteamappscommonHITMAN2Retail (not ..dx12Retail or anywhere else!)

  • Uninstall the mod by deleting the files.

Known bugs:

  • Some quests are tied to pickup locations rather than items. The PC dongle in hawke's bay is a good example of this. The ability to unlock the laptop is tied to the pickup location and not the dongle itself, so randomizing the dongle is pointless since the player will always have to pick up the item at the original dongle location. I assume many such cases exist in other levels as well. Please let me know about it if you find and of those, so I can remove the corresponding items from the randomization.
  • Some guards might hold their weapons in a funny way, nothing I can do about that.
  • You might get random “Non-target killed” popups while playing, this is caused by NPCs mishandling explosives. No real way to fix this without removing explosives from the loot pool which would be boring.
  • Some items can potentially crash the game on some maps. I tried my best to remove them all, but there is a chance that I missed some. If you crash during a load screen, let me know what level it happened on.

The important part of the post is over but here are some more words about the randomizer for those who are interested in how it all works. My main goal with the randomizer was to make the randomized levels as playable as possible, to achieve this the randomizer follows a number of rules/constraints:

  • All original quest and key items have to be present in the level. In some rare cases they might not be accessible though. (Safe key locked in safe…)
  • The number of tools (wrench, screwdriver, …) in the level doesn’t change.
  • Guard weapons are only randomized within the same category (pistol -> pistol, SMG->SMG, etc.) Some of the pistols are already pretty broken damage wise and giving random guards Lancers wouldn’t be a good idea.
  • Flash grenades aren’t randomized. You don’t want to face off against nitro booster throwing guards.
  • 47’s Inventory is not completely randomized. Each loadout item is only randomized within it’s own category. Picking a frag grenade will result in some random explosive for example.
  • About 160 items are completely excluded from randomization for one reason or another. This includes all glasses, bottles and plates, some prototype/test items, items that only work together with other items (Detonators), multiplayer items and some additional quest items that can’t be randomized in a meaningful way (see Sheep dongle example above).

The randomizer is build in an easily extendable and modifiable way. With some cpp knowledge you should be able to implement your own randomization strategy and plugin it into the randomizer. Just take a look at the source code if you are interested in that.

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