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HITMAN 2 – The Delgado Larceny part 3 guaranteed silent assassin guide. (This can also help you do part 1 and 2 minus the bomb part.)

Hitman2 - HITMAN 2 - The Delgado Larceny part 3 guaranteed silent assassin guide. (This can also help you do part 1 and 2 minus the bomb part.)
  1. Right when you start off spam the button to get out of the chair in the interrogation room and go straight to the radio and turn it off.

  2. Right after the radio is off, pick up the hammer and the pool cue, run straight for the faucet, turn it on, and then run to the chair and sit down. Don’t worry you will have enough time.

  3. Once the target you attracted with the radio comes in, wait for him to get to the radio and for the door to close. Once the door is closed, stand up and equip either the pool cue or the hammer and whack him in the head.

  4. Right after this, drag his body behind the two tables so nobody can see him, pick up all his stuff, disguise yourself as him, and run as quickly as you can out the door and to the right into the wine room. If an enforcer is in front of the hostage room door then just wait.

  5. Once in the wine room, look to the back far left of the room and you will see a car battery. Grab it and run back to the hostage room and quickly close the door.

  6. Once the door is closed, drag the target’s body to the puddle and drop the battery. Then pick up the battery, stand back, and throw it at his head. This will kill him with a shock and you will have 1/2 targets done.

  7. After he is dead, drag his body behind the tables again so nobody sees the body and run straight to the room to the right across the hall where the enforcer should be. Try to maneuver around him into the room.

  8. Once in the room, make sure you have at least two non lethal throwables and throw one in the far right corner of the room to interrupt that one NPC’s dialogue that lasts 30 seconds. Either the old man or the guard will go get it. Depending on where the NPCs are standing knock out one. If the guard is leaning against the wall and the old man went to get it, knock the guard out without you being in his vision. If the guard went to go get it and the old man is leaned against the table, knock either one. Make sure both guys are knocked out and put them in the nearby closet.

  9. Once done, grab the combination off the table, use it on the safe and grab the bomb, and destroy the security footage. From there run to either staircase located at the right end of the hall from the door or near the kitchen if you take a double right out the door. Run to the backyard behind the big tv screen, grab the baseball, and turn off the tv. Now most likely an enforcer sitting around the table in front of the tv will come but I have had a normal guard come before. If a normal guard comes just knock him out and turn off the tv again to get the enforcer.

  10. Once the enforcer is gone, go to the table where he was sitting and grab the safe code. From there run up the set of stairs to your left from the tv facing the house where another enforcer makes his patrol route. Avoid him if possible. Once up those stairs, make your way to Rico’s room with the safe. Most likely he won’t be in there but if he is just wait. (Also there will be an enforcer 100% of the time outside his room but if you run fast enough from the side room door to his room then he won’t spot you.)

  11. Make your way to the patio and pull out a non lethal melee that you should have and throw it at the target guard without him seeing you. Now sometimes the game will be weird and he will spot you if he has his head looking the slightest bit towards you even if he didn’t spot you and you won’t get SA so make sure he isn’t looking at you.

  12. Once he is knocked out, drag his body to the bathroom and place the bomb on his body. From there open the safe and grab the gun. From here you will have like 1:10 to kill the guy down by the water that you killed before so make sure you are set before you grab it. Once you grab the gun, run down to the water and hide behind the radio in the cave and activate it.

  13. He will come over and once he inspects the radio, pull out the El Matador and do a stealth kill on him where 47 shoots him twice in the back. Then quickly drag his body to the nearby container and place it in there. After that run through the cave until you reach the helicopter exit in the far left facing the coca fields. Once at the exit point, detonate the bomb and leave the area.

Congratulations you just beat part 3 with a silent assassin rating and maybe placed high on the leaderboards. Hope this guide helped.

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