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Hitman 3 has 13 story missions total. Hitman 2 and 1 BOTH had over 40 (44 and 47, without counting bonus missions). Hell, Sapienza itself has 10 mission stories!

Hitman4 - Hitman 3 has 13 story missions total. Hitman 2 and 1 BOTH had over 40 (44 and 47, without counting bonus missions). Hell, Sapienza itself has 10 mission stories!


The game is fun but the levels… don’t get me started.

Replay value of H3 is not nearly as good as replay value of H1 or H2. Yes, there are still multiple ways to assasinate targets, but some levels become bland after three playthroughs…

I know there are challanges, but it’s just that there is such a laughable amount of ways to approach your targets that I’m truly dissapointed.

Not only this but two levels don’t have mission stories at all – I loved the vibe of Berlin, and in my first playthrough it felt awesome. No handler, no nothing, just stumbling across an agent and killing him, figuring you should kill more, walking through that awesome rave to find more of them… it was poetic in terms of storytelling.

But after that it gets… Not awful, but worse. I came back to that level just for the vibe of it and was rightfully afraid that it’ll be much worse. The targets have their routines but that’s about it, there’s no point in impersonating anyone, you don’t decieve anyone into anything, you don’t pretend to be someone’s therapist just to kill them… After the first playthrough it’s just „follow the red guy and kill him when no one’s watching” x 5.

Now, the Romania level. It’s not bad, it’s a really great epilogue. Going towards your target in a straight line is poetic in it’s own way, you are getting closer and closer and then finally you talk to Edward and can choose one of 3 avaiable options. But this level just feels like it was only made to be played once. No additional loadout at all. No clothing change, nothing. In multiple places you encounter enemies and you have to either sneak past them or kill them – the only variety comes from the fact that you can choose diffrent combinations of which enemies to kill and which enemies to sneak past.

When I saw a Dubai playthrough I expected the rest of the game to be the same – you are thrown into a small open world and you choose a way to approach each target. Then I got my hands on the game and realized that Dubai, Dartmoore, Chongqing and Mendoza are the only levels that „feel” like Hitman levels. Berlin on playthroughs after the first one feels like some user-created contract, „okay kill 5 guys and then exit”, Romania feels like a very long introduction to a cutscene, I feel like it’s meant to be recieved as „Okay you are totally defenseless and in the intro there is a nice cinematic to make you think about the trilogy as a whole and it’s hard to get to the end of the level, and the whole level is just a construct so that you need to earn the final cutscene”.


For real, you remember the reverse glass pyramid suspended in the air where the constant and the partners met in H1 and H2? The last level should be you waking up there and infiltrating it to kill Edward. Seriously they could’ve just served us the final cutscene, in the end the ending feels really good because of this level but when it comes to gameplay it’s terrible.

I’m not mad I’m just… I don’t know. Dissapointed is not the right word, I liked the game. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for it since they announced it and after all this time I find out that these levels are nice but don’t have half the replay value H1 and H2 levels have. You always had a million ways to get to your target and now the most you get is 3!

H3 just feels unfinished compared to H1 and H2.

I know that no other level from the trilogy was nearly as well-recieved as Sapienza but quality of Sapienza vs. quality of any H3 level would be a 30 second fight.

The level was huge and authentic, you had lots of people, lot’s of people were meant to meet your targets and you could impersonate to both eliminate your target and learn more about them.

I’ve replayed Miami thrice in a row during one sitting to get some challanges and each time I used a diffrent Mission Story and I still had more ways to complete the assignment and lots of reasons to go back to that level.

Sorry for this rant I’m just kinda dissapointed, I’m lucky I started playing Hitman in 2019 and went through the whole series from C:47 to H2(2018) because I know some have been waiting for this „conclusion” for a very long time and I would’t stand that…

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