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Hitman5 - HITMAN 3 is a AMAZING

Hitman 3 is a fantastic game made by a fantastic team. This is just perfect, I put about 22 hours and I'm just getting started. It's so addictive, so fun and so gripping. The story is the best the franchise ever had, the graphics are one of the best I've seen in a videogame and these are the best maps I have ever seen. Here's my explaining of all the maps:

Dubai, UAE- simply outstanding. So spectacular. The first time you walk into the main area and the rays of sun start to luminate the building, and the music starts, you feel so…small. THe grand design of the map is phenomenal, it's like watching a mission impossible movie.

Dartmoor, UK- History, Royalry, Misery. This is perhaps one of the best maps in the franchise. Thornbridge manor is so real, so royal and so mindblowing. You feel the history of the family and the manor while you walk the grand royal halls, but in the same way you feel the misery of the family, how they made mistakes, and it's just breathtaking. The detective mission story is the best in the entire franchise. Being a detective, solving a mistery and revealing the killer is absolutely genious.

Berlin, Germany- This map is amazing. You feel being hunted and start hunting the hunters. (LOL) The nightclub is awesome and it's so cool when you identify a target, follow them from the shadows from the crowds of people dancing and they start to notice they're being hunted, then they start to find you and you lose yourself into the lot of dancing people. You FEEL the despaire of their handler as the tides turn and 11 people get eliminated because of a single man. "Does ANYONE still here me?! HELLO?!?! I don't care who the FUCK you are, just pick up the FUCKING earpiece and SAY SOMETHING!" *gasp* "Expertly done, 47. Expertly FUCKING done."

Chonqing, China. This is probably the best-looking level of the series. As you walk the streets of Choqing and the rain falls onto 47's head and coat, you notice the neon signs everywhere with outstanding reflections into the puddles of rain on the ground, you feel the Blade Runner vibe here, and realise that something is hiding into those buildings. The ICA facility is the second best part, as I wasn't particulary impressed by the neuro-testing lab.

Mendoza, Argentina- I know I said Chonqing was the best looking level but DAMN if this doesn't look next gen. I love this map so much. The music while you walk through the dancing stage, Diana assisting you in tons of creative kill oportunities, the graphics look stunning, and the story is so amazing, you actually have several cutscenes DURING the mission which is insanely cool.

And when 47 dances with Diana…THAT'S THE BEST HITMAN EVER GOT.

Carpathian mountains, Romania- This is an awesome finale to the trilogy, though not the best map. While it's fun roaming the train and taking different approaches to your playstyle, the map can get a little redundant and gets old after a few playthoughs.

So, here's of my ranking of the maps:

  1. Carpathian mountains, Romania (MY COUNTRY!)- outstanding finale, more bland map (to be expected), still a fun kill everyone challenge as you're not penalized.

  2. Berlin- Fun map, but sad it's so limited and complicated, still the second time you play is a lot of fun.

  3. Chonqing- outstanding exteriors, bland interiors, except maybe the ICA Facility.

  4. Dartmoor- amazing map, had a lot of fun, even if a lot of the action takes place IN the house.

  5. Dubai- amazing, outstanding, spectacular.

  6. Argentina- MY FAVOURITE MAP!


The story is the best the series ever had, that's obvious, but the sheer quality of it is mindblowing. Seeing 47 as a human for the first time, actually with a sense of humor in the opening cinematic, and feeling emotions is everything to me. The cutscenes are in-engine now, previously being CGI and still images. But, for me at least, these are the best cutscenes the series ever had. When Diana gets threatened by the constant in the opening cutscene, she starts to question her loyalties, and who is her allie. In the second cutscene, after *SPOILER*

…after Gray dies, 47 starts feeling emotions and tries to hide them. Deep down, he knows what he lost and becomes aware of his soul. He lost his best friend. Now he only has Diana, but is Diana really loyal to him? He teams up with Olivia after killing several ICA agents who are hunting him in a gorgreus nightclub in Berlin. After that, he goes to eliminate his past on the ICA server. He relives all he's been through with Diana, so much that even Olivia understands his relationship with her.

Then, when Diana "betrayed" him to the constant, she tells him that his only weakness is her.

I'm gonna get completely slandered for this, but he *might* feel love. Love is his weakness, he never felt it, no one gave it to him, and then Diana comes. She puts his hand on 47's hand, and then he really feels it. It's obvious when she dances with her. Then when Diana betrayed him, he became more human than most protagonists, feeling sorry, feeling pain, feeling betrayed. When he wakes up in his head he hears Diana because that's the only person he trusted. When gray wakes him up, he realises Diana never betrayed him. She was his friend. So the only thing he has to do, is embrace the past. Embrace HIMSELF. You cannot hide from yourself. You cannot change who you are. You cannot change others. Life is so short, that if you do not embrace yourself in time, you will stay trapped. Instead of trying to build a future, you will try to rebuild the past. Just LIVE. Embrace who you are, your past, your future, and LIVE. When 47 injects Edwards, he shows him what it's like to lose EVERYTHING. It's so easy to stay from aside and do things, but when you actually live them, you realise what it's like. But Edwards cannot "live" what it's like, because he lost who he is. After that, AGENT 47 was killed. It wasn't sad, it was expected. From the ashes, another person did rise. Human. Human 47. Or just…47. He is now exactly who he was meant to be. And at the end…when everything was lost and gained…


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