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HITMAN 3 – March Roadmap

Hitman4 - HITMAN 3 - March Roadmap


More free content is on the way for all HITMAN 3 players this month – and we’re going big with a new seasonal event, the final Deluxe Escalation and a whole lot more! Get a glimpse of everything that’s on the horizon in the March Roadmap trailer and read on for more details.

Seasonal Event: Berlin Egg Hunt

The first seasonal event for HITMAN 3 will be free for all players and sees Agent 47 heading to Berlin, where the location has been transformed for the Berlin Egg Hunt. This exclusive Club Hölle event has a strict dress code, so you’ll need to dress to impress. Your knowledge of the club’s exterior will be crucial because the event is at capacity when you arrive. The bouncers have locked the doors and Herr Ziegler can’t help you get inside. (He remembered his allergy pills this time, if you know what we mean…)

The Berlin Egg Hunt will be playable from March 30 – April 12 for all HITMAN 3 players and brings a seasonal twist to the Berlin location with new decorations and graffiti, a series of unique objectives, new gameplay items to collect and use, unique targets and an unlockable suit to add to your permanent inventory. We’ll share more details about the Berlin Egg Hunt event later this month.


Deluxe Escalation: Satu Mare Delirium


For owners of the Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack, the sixth and final Deluxe Escalation will be arriving soon. This one is inspired by Agent 47’s deep past and the aftermath of the events in Codename 47.


Featured Contracts, Escalation and Elusive Target

This month, Easy Allies and Eurogamer are taking on the challenge of creating Featured Contracts in Chongqing and Mendoza respectively. Look out for their creations in the coming weeks. We’ve also got an Elusive Target in Isle of Sgail and an Escalation in Berlin.

Game Update

Finally, we’re getting ready to release another patch for the game to further improve the overall experience, resolve issues and prepare the game for new content that’s currently in the works. This is your HITMAN 3 March Roadmap.


Coming to HITMAN 3 in March:

  • The Lesley Celebration / Escalation
  • Easy Allies x Chongqing / Featured Contracts
  • The Stowaway (Isle of Sgail) / Elusive Target
  • Eurogamer x Mendoza / Featured Contracts
  • The Satu Mare Delirium / Deluxe Escalation
  • Berlin Egg Hunt / Seasonal Event

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