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Hitman 3 Trailer Analysis – New Mission Predictions

Hitman3 - Hitman 3 Trailer Analysis - New Mission Predictions

I'll admit that a lot of this is just my idle thoughts at work, but bear with me.

So, in the trailer (after the Constant's "And now you find yourself alone" line), we're shown a series of brief images. Since the first one of these is Dubai and that was confirmed to be the first mission, it got me thinking – what if the other images represent the other missions in the game, possibly even in order? If we go off of that, here are my predictions:


  • The first image, as I said, is the Dubai skyscraper, which is pretty self-explanatory. Carl Ingram is all but confirmed to be one of the targets here.


  • The second image is Lucas Grey looking out through a large window at what appears to be a cloudy city skyline. This might also be Dubai, but for some reason, this strikes me as possibly being in an airport, which is a level concept fans have been asking about for ages (as is a skyscraper level, which is also being included). This could be located pretty much anywhere in the world, but if I had to predict a location, I'd guess a South African city, possibly Durban, since South Africa has been a requested location for a while, Durban is one of its biggest cities, and the man himself, David Bateson, was born there. I'd also guess that Marcus Stuyvesant is one of the targets here, as he seems to be the youngest and most easily shaken of the Partners and might be trying to flee from 47 and company. Also, Stuyvesant is Dutch and Afrikaans (which is an offshoot of Dutch) is common in South Africa.


  • The third image is a bunch of raised hands in what looks like a nightclub / rave setting. People have predicted that this may be part of the teased Hong Kong level (which comes later) and they're probably right, but if we go by my assumption regarding these images, it represents a level of its own. Again, this could be practically anywhere in the world, but given a few different factors, I'm going to guess it may be in Rio de Janeiro, possibly during Carnival. I'd also guess that, if Marcus Stuyvesant isn't in the previous level, he's likely in this one. It may also include Cornelia, his daughter (probably) who showed up in the Ark Society.


  • The fourth image is the British-looking mansion. This one seems fairly self-explanatory, although, as people have pointed out, it's likely going to be the location of Alexa Carlisle since she's English and her primary residence was / is a "grand house" in Berkshire.


  • The fifth image is the top-down view of a rainy city that is almost certainly Hong Kong. Not too much else to say here other than it looks goddamn gorgeous and I can't wait to see if it connects to the first game's mission with Lee Hong in some way. Also, if the order of these actually lines up with the missions' order in-game, it might be significant that 47 is revisiting this place so late in H3's story.


  • The sixth image is of Diana looking out over a balcony at a high-class gathering of some sort. Judging by the railing of the balcony, the blurry background, and the fashions, I'd guess this is in Europe somewhere, possibly Greece or another Mediterranean location. It's also quite possible that, after not including their native Denmark for the first two games, IOI might end the series there, possibly even in Copenhagen. It's fairly safe to assume, I think, that Arthur Edwards / the Constant will be a target here.


  • The final image before the title reveal is 47 in the dark forest from earlier in the trailer. This is probably just to make him look badass and tie the trailer together, but there's also the possibility that the forest represents a "surprise" seventh mission, despite the announcement that the game will have six missions. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I could see this being less of a "proper" mission and more of a final boss fight between 47 and Grey in the forests outside the facility in Romania. I'd also like to point out that the coat 47's wearing here has high, angular collars and looks sort of like a coat Grey's been seen wearing a few times in the past, including in this very trailer.

So, what do you think? Likely? Unlikely? Am I talking out of my ass?

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