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Hitman Angelfield – Prologue Season

Hitman1 - Hitman Angelfield - Prologue Season

How else could Absolution have gone?

Mission Title: A Personal Contract
Target: Diana Burnwood (The Handler)
Objective: Retrieve Victoria
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA


47: According to ICA division chief Benjamin Travis, my former handler Diana Burnwood has gone rogue, taking with her a valuable agency asset; a girl named Victoria. My objective: eliminate Diana and retrieve the girl. Personal note: Diana saved my life. Although the grounds for termination are just, I take no pride in this assignment. She is my target. I must not get personally involved.

End Cutscene: After breaking into Victoria's room, 47 forces her at gunpoint to leave the mansion and escape in a car. However, Victoria, talking about how the Agency tortured her and how Diana wanted a regular life for her, convinces 47 to betray the ICA and join her. 47 brings her to Rosewood orphanage and talks to Birdie, who gives him a contract in exchange for help.


  • Unlike in Absolution, Diana Burnwood is actually assassinated in this mission.
  • Diana Burnwood walks around her mansion and is obviously an enforcer to 47 in every disguise. This still opens a few opportunities to eliminate her, including crushing her neck with a piano lid and drowning her in truffled mushroom soup.
  • Like the tornado shelter in Freedom Fighters, 47 has only one escape in Story Mode; Victoria's bedroom door.

Mission 1
Mission Title: The King of Chinatown
Target: Long Qigang (The King)
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Birdie: So listen up. Now, Long hangs out in the pagoda in the center of town. Where a unit of dirty cops guard his every move. And he rarely leaves the crowd. Except to meet up with his dealer in a pad overlooking the square. He also got a swanky European ride parked in a nearby alley, but that's all I got, homes. Call me back when you're done. Got it?

End Cutscene: 47 returns to Birdie after the hit, and surrenders his Silverballers to him in exchange for a pair of passports Birdie is in the middle of creating for 47 and Victoria. Birdie then tells him about Blake Dexter.


  • 47 and Victoria's passport names are Tristan and Trinity Thomas, a father and his daughter, both Americans.

Mission 2
Mission Title: Terminus
Targets: Sidney Hebert (The Security Head) and Bethany Pitts (The Accountant)
Objective: Find Dexter
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA


47: Birdie's intel is never wrong. A midwestern arms manufacturer named Blake Dexter is in Chicago searching for Victoria. The Agency would never share their secrets with outsiders; someone else must have leaked the information. But who? I can't trust anyone. All I know is that the girl is innocent. She doesn't deserve this. I will infiltrate Blake Dexter's suite at the Terminus Hotel and learn the truth for myself. Then I shall decide on his fate.

End Cutscene: 47 sneaks into the room at the top floor, where Blake Dexter, Layla Stockton and Sanchez are all in the same room. 47 attacks Sanchez, but is subdued. Dexter sets the room alight and leaves with Stockton and Sanchez.


  • There are two targets in this mission: Dexter's head of security Sidney Hebert and his accountant Bethany Pitts.

Mission 3
Mission Title: Run For Your Life
Targets: Marcus Forrest (The Sergeant) and Jared Winkles (The Officer)
Objective: Escape
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA



47: As a rule, I am transparent. Inconspicuous. Blending in with the shadows is how I operate. People don't see. Not unless you draw their attention. When they discover the maid's body, how long before someone remembers? A man. A suit. A face? I've been reckless. I underestimated the arms dealer and now I'm paying the price. I must get out…reach street level, keep a low profile, escape in the crowd. The police are closing in…


  • There are two targets in this mission: Sergeant Marcus Forrest and Officer Jared Winkles, both on Dexter's payroll.

Mission 4
Mission Title: Hunter and Hunted
Target: Dominic "Dom" Osmond (The Pimp)
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA


47: Time to regain focus. According to Birdie, strip club owner Dom Osmond is Blake Dexter's informant. He put the arms dealer on Victoria's trail. I will remove him from the equation before he causes any more damage. Personal note: Birdie did not give me this information out of the goodness of his heart. He stands much to gain by Osmond's death. This is a fragile alliance. I have to tread carefully

End Cutscene: 47 drives to Rosewood orphanage, but finds Victoria waiting outside. 47 pulls over, picks her up and asks her what happened in the orphanage.

Mission 5
Mission Title: Rosewood
Targets: Edward Wade (The Mercenary) and Leonardo “Lenny” Dexter (The Weakling)
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Victoria: What the hell is going on? These men don’t seem like the ICA…nevermind. I got to get out of here.

End Cutscene: 47 and Victoria escape in the car. 47 pulls over near Birdie's hideout and goes to meet with Birdie, handing Victoria a handgun to protect herself.


  • As she is much weaker than 47, Victoria would have to press a series of QTEs when she attacks someone, has lower health and is more visibly affected by recoil in guns. Her sneaking abilities are up to standard, however, as are her deductive skills and ingenuity.
  • An opportunity involves tricking Lenny or Wade into shooting the other dead. Another involves disguising as a henchwoman Lenny is dating.

Mission 6
Mission Title: Pigeon Hunting
Target: Juan Esteban “Birdie” Japón (The Stool Pigeon)
Objectives: Retrieve 47's Silverballers, 47's passport and Victoria's passport
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA


47: Birdie sold out Victoria to save his own life. Part of me understands. This was never his fight. But I guess I'll have to pay a visit to my old friend, to shut him up once and for all.

End Cutscene: Using their fake passports, 47 and Victoria pass through O'Hare International Airport and board a plane for an unknown destination. A woman glares at them from a distance.


  • The mission can actually be done very easily if 47 simply approaches Birdie and feigns forgiveness. Birdie would lead 47 to his apartment and hand over the Silverballers and passports. 47 can then dispose of Birdie however he likes, be it smashing his face into the printer he used to make the passports or simply shoving him out of the window.

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