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Hitman5 - Hitman Community MEGA-Wishlist!

I've compiled a list of things that I see requested frequently in the community. If you have something to add, please let me know!

  • SA status indicator: a way to know if your SA run is still intact. There was a fan-made program for Blood Money that served this purpose that pretty much every streamer used on that game. It's really helpful to avoid wasting your time; even the best players can go through an entire run not realizing that SA was ruined early on.

  • Un-cluttered inventory screen: the inventory UI is a bit of a clusterfu*k, and you have to scroll through quite a ways to find what you want. Organizing it by type first, and then specific item would be a major help.

  • Non-time-limited Holiday Hoarders: this one is just a no-brainer. It's the exact same map and it wasn't time-limited in Hitman 2016, so why now?

  • Replaying elusive targets: allow playing the ETs more, perhaps without the unlocks available. This one is a longshot since it has been long wished-for, but I put it on here anyway. Many people agree that it is a huge waste of IOI's resources to produce so much great content that is basically lost forever.

  • Contracts improvements:

    • Hard requirements for disguises/weapons in contracts: currently there are lots of instant-fail restrictions you can put on contracts, but not for disguises and weapons. This lets you complete the featured Isle of Sgail contract with zero effort, just sniping the guys from the chapel starting point, since score doesn't matter for the challenge.
    • Ability to delete your contracts: virtually everybody has messed around creating a test contract; these are permanently there cluttering your contracts list.
    • More customization: adding restrictions from escalations, pre-placed objects you have to pick up, specify exact weapons that need to be used, etc.
  • Additional toggles in the settings:

    • Bloom toggle: most people agree that the bloom is too damn high in this game. Just look at . Being able to turn it off would be terrific.
    • Auto-pause toggle: it would be nice to toggle whether the game automatically pauses when you open the Steam overlay or minimize. Sometimes in this game you have to wait a while for an NPC to complete their movement cycle, so it's really nice to be able to browse the internet or chat with friends during that time.
    • Diana toggle: after I've played the game 10,000 times, I don't need to be informed that THAT is Viktor Novikov, especially when she talks over actual NPC dialogue.
  • Improved menus: there are plenty of UI annoyances that can be improved

    • Inefficient use of screen space of the destinations menu (could just be vertical list)
    • Inefficient use of screen space for save slots (could just be a vertical list; some people probably never even use the far-right slots since they CBF to scroll that far)
    • Bonus missions are buried behind escalations in the "missions" menu (perhaps escalations should be in a separate menu)
    • Opening the item selection screen requires connecting to the server and verifying your items first, which creates a bit of lag for some players
    • Ability to mouse over challenges in the post-mission challenge screen to see the title/description
    • Post-mission score screen is lacking several important buttons (load game, restart, return to mission select)
    • Detailed score screen does not show number of kills
    • The entire level can't fit on the map at once ; it needs another level of zoom.
    • Not being able to return to the contracts menu directly after completing a contract
    • If you try to save your game while saving is forbidden, it's not obvious enough that you actually went to the load screen instead of the save screen. This can lead to accidentally loading a game when you meant to save.
  • DX12 support: and with it, hopefully, better performance.

  • Bug fixes: I am aware that there are lots of bugs that have been reported; these are just some of the most-discussed ones.

    • Infinite save/load bug: the worst offender by far.
    • Trespassing bug: it's still too easy to get SA since you can get caught trespassing; even on master you can basically get caught and have a free mulligan by simply being escorted out.
  • Ability to play offline: you can't truly play offline with full functionality, which many people find unacceptable in a singleplayer game.

  • Improved combat on stairs: there are currently some major issues with combat on staircases; you can't melee people or use weapons; you just use a generic karate chop that literally only happens on stairs. this ruins being able to kill the target in the white dress on Isle of Sgail when she's walking up the stairs alone if you got rid of her bodyguard

  • Individual key binds for weapons/items: again, a feature that Blood Money had. I have over 100 keys on my keyboard, let me use them. It's so incredibly handy to be able to bind a specific key to coins, for example.

  • Scroll wheel to change equipped weapon/item while holstered: a QoL improvement so that I can easily swap between holstered items without pausing the game.

  • Bring back the ratings system: a feature from the older games that is sorely missed.

  • Fiber wire improvements: currently, 47's signature weapon is in a bad spot; it takes up a valuable inventory slot, and fists/melee weapons are just as good in many situations. It should either not take up a slot or be completely silent.

  • Ghost mode improvements:

    • De-incentivize ragequitting somehow or at least add a "forfeit" option.
    • Give you a win ifwhen your opponent ragequits.
  • Better Mark II weapon/item skins: the entire "Mark II" thing is just a giant meme in the community at this point, because they just slapped a pink box with a "2" on the old skins…you know, that "distinctive Mark II look."

  • Legacy map improvements:

    • More exits on Colorado: would really improve the linear nature of this map and open up so many more routing possibilities.
    • More starting locations on the bonus missions: same as above.

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