Hitman 2

Hitman Dark Glories Mission 1 : Your Death Of Cold

Hitman2 - Hitman Dark Glories Mission 1 : Your Death Of Cold

Briefing : Good morning 47

Your destination is the luxurious Winterspring Ski Resort in Canada. One of the most exclusive resorts on the planet,Winterspring offers luxurious accommodation,breath-taking ski slopes and is in close proximity to a picturesque small town.

Your targets are junior Milton-Fitzpatrick executive Anthony Jameson and his recent wife and business partner Rebecca. Two young and driven New York bankers who frequently appear on the covers of tabloids,the Jamesons harbor a shared dark secret. The duo use their positions to manage the finances of a worldwide human trafficking ring with ties to the late Lhom Kwai and the notorious Dublin gangster James O Sullivan.

Our client is renowned Interpol agent Teddy McBryde who wishes to circumvent the legal system and deal a crippling blow to the organisation. He has asked us to eliminate the Jamesons during their honeymoon at the resort while their guards will be down. We have booked you in under the usual alias of Tobias Rieper.

The Jamesons arrived yesterday morning and are staying in the resort's honeymoon suite. Anthony has taken to the ski slopes like a fish to water and will be easy to find while his darling wife will be found shopping in town with the occasional return to the resort.

This contract should present no issue to a professional like yourself. I shall leave you to prepare.

Some Disguises :

Resort Staff : Access to most of the resort although most of the suites are off-limits.

Chef : Access to the kitchens of both the hotel and the restaurant and bar in town. Can freely poison items

Resort Security : Access to the entirety of the resort although many other staff are able to see through the disguise.

Hedge Maze Guide : One of the side bits to the resort is a hedge maze . This disguise enables you to lure NPC's around the maze. Other guides come through and can see through the disguise however


Lumberjack : Employees at a saw mill in the woods near the resort. Can openly carry melee weapons

Ski Instructor : Unique character. Can be found flirting with several local women in the town.

Mountie : Primarily found in the town. Can openly carry weapons. Other Mounties,Mr.McLopi and the Mayor are suspicious.

George McLopi : An odd local resident who frequently mentions his unease regarding the recent influx of tourists to the resort .

Chocolate Shop Owner : Can freely poison items

Figure Skater : Unique character . Can be found in his dressing room refusing to come out to the ice rink and put on a scheduled performance

Some Challenges

You're Gonna Have A Bad Time : Assassinate Anthony Jameson by pushing him off the mountain while disguised as the Ski Instructor.

Heart Of Ice : Assassinate Rebecca Jameson with the ice skate as she attempts to seduce you while disguised as the Figure Skater.

Smarter Than The Average Hitman : Swap Anthony Jameson's trailmix with bait for a bear

Pure Imagination : Assassinate Rebecca Jameson with poisoned artisan chocolate while disguised as the Chocolate Shop Owner

Buzzkill : Throw Anthony Jameson into the saw in the mill after luring him there using his mistresses phone .

To Us : Assassinate both Targets by poisoning their romantic dinner.

A Very Dull Girl : Assassinate Rebecca Jameson with an axe in the hedge maze .

Snow King : Wipe out Anthony Jameson with an avalanche.

Weather Warning : Drop the chairlift containing Anthony onto Rebecca.

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