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Hitman is just unrealistically “figuring out” the way to kill your target.

Hitman5 - Hitman is just unrealistically "figuring out" the way to kill your target.

I played Hitman 2 (silent assassin) and Hitman 3. Played a bit of blood money too.

Starting to feel like Hitman is not a game where you can go in blind and figure your way through the mission, ie: realistically as a hitman being sent on a mission.

First of all, the way to perform a mission on "silent assassin" rating usually involves items and events that are unique to each mission. There is no way I can know these things before hand as I plan before I enter the grounds.

For example, one mission could involve poisoning a cup of milk. This information is not known before hand, and there is no way I could know about the existence of either of these items and mechanics without going into the house first. Knowledge of the milk and the poison will make me better prepared for the mission, but it breaks the logic of playing the game realistically since it would involve me playing the mission once to figure out the mechanics, then restarting to play it better with my new knowledge. It's almost as if Agent 47 can travel back in time to figure out the best way to complete a mission.

Isn't this really unrealistic?

I force myself to go in blind and try to complete the mission on my first playthrough, replying on only whatever information is presented by the briefing. This method is unfortunately, not how Hitman games seem meant to be played. For example, I end up triggering traps, or missing opportunities (eg: too late to put laxative in soup), having no choice but to restart the mission, playing better with knowledge that could not have been gained realistically.


I want to end by saying that I did enjoy the experience of these games, but as each entry in the series seems to revolve around the same strategy, I am starting to feel fatigued.

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