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Hitman Roulette in Hitman 2: Fan Mock Up

Hitman4 - Hitman Roulette in Hitman 2: Fan Mock Up

Hi again. After my last post I had an itch to keep doing some more mock ups for content in Hitman 2 and had something specific in mind. One thing fans have been asking for a while is official integration of TheKotti's brilliant Hitman Roulette into the game, and I wondered what that could look like/what I'd like to see. So, once again, I went into photoshop and did some UI tinkering.

Game Modes

This would be the most likely place it'd be accessed. The high-res Revolver Cylinder image used is sourced from Moran Goldstein, but naturally this is a placeholder for whatever official art asset IO would use/create instead. Also had a debate on whether to rename it (Roulette, Roulette Mode) but Hitman Roulette just has that nice ring to it, y'know?

Set Up – Destinations

By default this would be selected on Random Mission, but if you wanted to play on a specific map you'd have the choice to change it here.

Set Up – Targets

Here would be your options for what type of targets would be selected, which would be a split between the story targets and notable NPC's found throughout the level similar to the list here. I decided to not opt for a "All NPC's" option because that would likely be a logistical programming nightmare to take into account every AI and not have the randomizer completely screw you over (e.g. having to give consumable poison to an AI that doesn't go for a drink), and taking out generic X guard that doesn't patrol or Y civilian in a massive crowd would imo be boring/time consuming/overly difficult, but that's just me.

Set Up – Complications


Similar to how you choose complications when creating a Contract. This would include a mix of some from that mode and some excluded that would conflict with the randomized kill objectives (e.g. a complication that ends the mission for changing disguises even though killing a target in a different outfit is required) – unless IO could program the randomizer to take these complications into account – plus a few new complications added to the game. One special complication I created is the Objective Wild Card, which would give you an unknown objective that isn't revealed until you generate the mission. Again, all these can be turn on or off.

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Set Up – Briefing

And this is what the briefing screen after generating a mission would appear like. Went back and forth on whether to include the exit location, but since current Hitman Roulette does that I decided to leave it in. And as you can see the objective would be displayed here as well. The objectives could be anything, from generic tasks to level specific (Steal the necklace in Isle of Sgail, destroy the lighting rig in Paris, dispose of 5 bodies in a woodchipper in Sapienza etc.). But the key to them would be making them fun, unique curve balls.

While everything up to this point gives you a lot of choice, I feel the key, set in stone rules to this mode would be: you always have only one starting location, one exit and the targets must be assassinated with the designated kill method and disguise. And lastly…

Daily Challenge

This is where I feel Hitman Roulette could potentially be the most exciting and give it enough of a distinction over Escalations and Contracts. Similar to Spelunky or Dead Cells, each day would generate a new mission that is the same for everyone, and you only have one chance of completing it. Each Daily would have it's own leaderboard as well.

So, that's that. What're your thoughts? Any ideas for what complications would be added/removed? Should Roulette levels generated be able to be shared? Should time limits be implimented, either as mandatory or optional?

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