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Hitman Roulette – Now with HITMAN 2

Hitman3 - Hitman Roulette - Now with HITMAN 2

Thanks to your help, Hitman Roulette now supports HITMAN 2 missions. Some notes about the support:

  • If you don't know what Hitman Roulette is, check out the about page
  • The weapon/disguise/exit lists are still incomplete. To see what's currently in, see this datasheet. Green ones are in, red ones I chose to exclude for now. If you notice something missing and want to help, just add it to the sheet and leave the background color as white.
  • Contracts mode is not supported. When it is added, chances are targets will not be listed by name as previously but just by description. Assuming there even is a demand for Contracts mode support.
  • There is no separate pages for HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2. From roulette standpoint, there are no differences in the games that would necessitate that.
  • Sierra Knox is not treated differently from any other target.
  • If you've bookmarked the page, that's going to need updating as the page is now hitman.html instead of 2016.html.
  • The whole thing looks as janky as ever.

Thanks to anyone who helped gather data, and enjoy!



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