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So… why isn't this an option? Or maybe it is and I'm just missing something. Doesn't IO have our data saved on their servers? Isn't Hitman 2 just a revamped "season 2" released under WB studios because they more or less own IO now?

Look I get it… in most games, you don't carry over everything you unlocked in the previous title, but this is different in that regard right? I mean shit, they even have the entire first season playable on the second game. I really hope I'm not seeing something in the pause menus here, because it's downright stupid if they're forcing us to start over.


If it's not a feature, I hope they're adding it… because I love Hitman and all… but I don't really wanna grind on all the missions, challenges, etc. that I've already mastered. I'm seriously missing a lot of my items- poisons, knifes, the keycard cracker, my katana, etc. And that's not even to mention the suits. How exactly am I supposed to unlock the map suits if we never get targets on the old maps again?

Again, if I'm just missing a magical button, please let me know. I'm just hoping IO didn't actually miss the ball that hard…

*Also, where the fu*k are the Kane & Lynch, Freedom Fighter, and Ninja suits?

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