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I have been playing the Hitman series off an on since the original in 2000. This post is mostly related to the recent World of Assassination series and I know it is probably too late for to make any of these additions for part III but I would love to see some basic additions to these game in the future.

If ANY I have suggested is possible in the current series and I have someone missed it (only been playing 1 and 2 for 18 days now) please let me know.

Additional Distractions

  • Noise Distractions
    • I think you should be able to whistle, make some sort of noise, or something to get someones attention
    • There should also be a device you can use to get someones attention. Plant it somewhere and when they are close enough to hear it, you could trigger it to draw them to it. Doing so by lets out a whistle, alarm noise, chirping, etc. Could come in various forms like one of those birthday cards that has a speaker, one of the rubber ducks that maybe quacks both of which could be sound activate so the sound of the NPC walking by trips it. Possible some sort of small device that can be remotely triggered, etc.
  • Visual Distractions
    • A laser pointer or something to shine on something to catch their attention.
    • Remote triggers you can install on a lamp that you can turn off an one to get their attention, etc.
  • Movement
  • Running
    • Please let us run faster, he only jogs which is fine but at times we should be able to do a full on sprint as well.
  • Swimming
    • This would be a minor addition but if you are doing a job in a place with a river, lake, ocean, etc. I should be able to jump off a building into the water. This could include a short dive if I need to hide from someone, swimming under a dock, etc.
  • Climbing
    • Should be able to climb over just about everything, not just hop over certain tables/crates/etc.
    • Should be able to climb on top of most buildings either from a drain pipe, ladder, the building facades in certain situations, etc. For instance I should be able to climb on top of almost any building I want and snipe someone. Let me choose the location I think is best to snipe them from. For instance Hitman 2 The Last Resort. The only really good place to snipe anyone is from the radio tower. What is wrong with another other building. Like the roof of Tyson's villa, the top of the restaurant, gym, etc.
  • Hiding
    • When hiding in a closet, crate, basket, etc I should be able to use look in any direction not just left and right @ 90 degrees to my central view. Let me turn 180 degrees.
  • Assassination
  • I should be able to snap a neck instantly vs choke them out then snap their neck.
  • If someone is standing near a create, locker, etc. Allow us to knock them out and hide them in 1 motion. When time is essential it sucks to have to wait a second click drag even though they are right there, then click another button to hide them.
  • If we are hiding in a crate, locker, etc if someone is close enough we should be able to pop out and knock them out/ kill them. For instance a hamper I should be able to pull them into it and take them out in one action.
  • Additional Weapons
    • Blow darts or lethal (not just emetic) poison pistol
    • Umbrella with a lethal poison in it like the Bulgarian Umbrella used to kill Georgi Markov in real life. Of course with a faster acting poison.

Forgive me I am at work right now and drawing a blank but the characters with the white dot over their head that are suspicious of you should not exist in the same area you start if you start with a specific uniform in a certain area. For instance Hitman 2 level 2. I started in the food stand and there were 2 NPC characters and 1 was already suspicious of me as soon as the level started. Really? I could have been there all day cooking up food and he has a reason to be suspicious of me, WTH? If I left and returned I would have no issue with that but it should not be from the instant the level starts.


Basically I am just looking for a more open world. I have no issue with it being restricted to the area of the current maps but I would like to be able to have a more freedom of movement and open interactions within those maps. Currently it feels (at least to me) to be too restrictive and closed in. For instance Hitman 2 level 1 I can climb up the pipe outside the garage to the 2nd floor but not the roof? I can only hop over the railing on the 2nd floor near the drain pipe by the garage. Why not anywhere else and just let me hang from the balcony edge or roof edge?

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