Hitman 2

Hitman Steelmark: Episode 1 – Traitor’s Arms

Hitman3 - Hitman Steelmark: Episode 1 - Traitor's Arms

London, England, 6:00PM

Targets: The Trillionaire and the Backstabber

Briefing: Good evening, 47.

Your destination is the Suffail Icelands Resort in London, England. Your target is the richest man in the world, Bartholomew Paxton. Earning his fortune from oil and real estate, he has a net worth of $200 billion. Little is known about his skirting of labour laws and multiple sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him. His son, Robert Paxton, has recently gone bankrupt. After his father refused to bail him out, Robert hired us to eliminate him to collect his inheritance.

Your secondary target is Nicolette Remington. A master hitwoman, Remington is notorious for her flippant loyalty, having betrayed countless assassination agencies and clients. The ICA made the foolish choice of taking her in, and she repaid us by bombing our headquarters and killing 5 of our directors. Needless to say, she is a high-priority target.

Bartholomew Paxton is spending the Christmas Holidays at the resort to unwind a little. Nicolette Remington is on-site for unknown reasons, but this is nevertheless a good chance to kill two birds with one stone.

I will leave you to prepare.

Mission Story: Enemy Mine

Should 47 approach Remington unarmed and in his suit, she'll recognise him and propose a partnership with him. She too had been contracted to eliminate Paxton and offers to split the money, giving 47 the lion's share (three-quarters). Diana, suspicious, will urge 47 to decline. If her offer is declined, Remington would express her disappointment and leave, commenting "You know where to find me". If the offer is accepted, the opportunity begins.

Remington leads 47 to a desolate part of the mountain, where he'll find the naked corpse of Ronald Bryton, a British hitman that Paxton hired to eliminate whistleblower Frances Barrington. As part of a trust-building exercise, Remington would make 47 bury Bryton's body with her.


Remington would then bring 47 to his room, where she'll order 47 to change into Bryton's clothes (a bloodied white suit, covered up by a fur coat). She'll then explain her plan to him: dressed as Bryton, 47 would meet with Paxton at the eastern cliffside, where she will snipe him off.

Upon meeting 47!Bryton, Paxton would promptly fire his bodyguard, Louisa Kaylock, and replace her with him. Kaylock would then go to the restaurant to gorge on chocolate cake whie Paxton and 47!Bryton continue their conversation in the mountains.

After 47!Bryton leads Paxton to the cliffside for their chat about him, Remington, watching from her room, would detonate a bomb she hid underneath the rubble, causing an avalanche that sweeps Paxton right off the mountain, killing him. 47 manages to cling on to a branch and pull himself to safety. Seeing that 47 survived, Remington would go into the mountains to hunt him down herself, picking up a silenced hunting rifle she stashed under a boulder.

While Remington is out hunting him in the mountains, 47 has a variety of ways to kill her:

* Sneak up behind her and slash her throat or garrotte her.

* Leave the mountain, perch on the resort roof and snipe her.

* Crush her with a boulder.

* Knock her out and leave her to freeze to death in the snow (would take about 3 minutes)


Suit (brown fur coat), waiter, cook, handyman, resort staff, Ronald Bryton.


Hiking trail, helicopter, cable car.


– Remington is an enforcer to every disguise, thus the "Enemy Mine" mission story is the only one involving her.

– The map is meant to be an introductory mission to the game, hence the single opportunity.


– Suit (brown fur coat)

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