Hitman 2 2

Hitman Steelmark: Mission 2 – Second Best

Hitman4 - Hitman Steelmark: Mission 2 - Second Best

New York City, New York, 3:47PM

Targets: The Succesor and the Second

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is New York City.

Your targets are Cuniberto and Desiderato Bevacqua, the sons of the late Don Roberto Bevacqua of the Mascari Family. With their father losing his mind in his later years, the brothers have been the brains behind the family even before his death. Cunniberto is now set to inherit his father's position, a decision that no doubt angers his brother. But neither would actually be taking the throne.

Our client is arms dealer Luana Chiodi, Roberto's bastard daughter. Angered that she didn't inherit the position, and aiming to profit from the Mascari Family's dissolution, she hired us to eliminate her stepbrothers.

The brothers are attending their father's funeral in their mansion. Security would be tight, but nothing you haven't been through before.

I will leave you to prepare.

Map Notes:

A large city, with an action film shoot, a Chinese New Year celebration in Times Square, a large mansion in the middle and a fancy restaurant.

Gameplay Notes:

Cunniberto and Desiderto both wander the city, but do their best to avoid each other. Cunniberto, the Don-elect, frequently meets and makes phone calls to associates, while Desiderto mostly tries to relax and forget the fact he's second in line.

Cunniberto's bodyguard is Nicodemo Baldassarre, Desiderto's bodyguard is Gilberto Demma. 47 can disguise as either.

Mission Stories:

Year of the Tiger: The Bevacqua brothers are partners with Yin Luoyang, the head of the local Triad. Yin is attempting to celebrate Chinese New Year with a firework show, but it turns out that they are faulty. Dressed as a Triad member, 47 can retrieve faulty fireworks from the nearby fireworks factory, set them up and Yin would go along with it, but not before inviting the brothers. The brothers would get into a fight over who should light the fireworks and would accidentally fire one at the ceiling, which explodes and kills them.

Direction: Filmmaker Athos Piscopo, a family friend of the brothers, is shooting an action film in time square, starring Hong Kong action star Sammy Kong and British action star Lucius Wraith. Kong and Wraith had a fight and both are refusing to return to the film set. Kong has decided to attend the Chinese New Year celebrations in Times Square, while Wraith is having dinner with Hollywood actress Zara Lincoln in the fancy restaurant.

Disguised as a bodyguard, 47 can confront both men and escort them back to the studio, where they'll continue filming. Desiderto, a fan of action movies, will visit the studio to watch the men battle it out. During the film shoot, 47 can collapse a scaffolding onto Desiderto and kill him or disguise as an extra and "accidentally" shoot him during an action scene.

Second Succession: Desiderto hired freelance hitman Garvan Hamilton to take out Cunniberto so that he could be the next Don. Hamilton is hesistant to assassinate Cunniberto, knowing that it could spark a mafia war. He therefore simply lounges about his apartment, which he had booby-trapped, rightfully wary of rival assassins.

Should 47 sneak into Hamilton's apartment, he can incapacitate him and take the shot himself, which would be counted as an accident. Then, whether dressed as Hamilton or in his suit, he can meet with Desiderto in the abandoned fireworks warehouse to discuss payment. During the meeting, 47 can poison Desiderto's beer can while he and his bodyguard converse in private about taking over Cunniberto's position. Desiderto would take the drink after 47 leaves and either die, pass out or start vomiting.

Suit Up: Silvano Catalani owns a tailor shop which Desiderto visits frequently. Knowing that he could be a prime target for assassins, Catalani is assigned a bodyguard by the Mascari Family: Sigismondo Tomasi, who previously worked for Silvio Caruso and can therefore see 47 through any disguise.


If 47 still manages to take Catalani's disguise, he can meet with Desiderto and escort him to the shop. He would walk about the tailor shop, occasionally trying on suits and scarves. 47!Catalani would eventually get the chance to strangle Desiderto with a scarf.

Diversity: Fallen Yakuza warlord Kyuichi Haruta is visiting New York to attend his friend's funeral. He is also investigating the murder of his dead son Hiro, who disappeared while studying at Columbia University.

Accompanied by his bodyguard Kinji Miyahara. Haruta spends most of his time wandering about the city, talking to informants about Hiro. 47 can get him alone by rat-poisoning a coffee in a café he visits.

Alternatively, 47 can impersonate one of his contacts, Masashi Fukasawa, who is dressed in a blue hoodie, a pair of sunglasses and a red bandanna. During their meeting, 47!Masashi would lead Haruta into a street alley, where he can knock him and Miyahara and toss them into a dumpster.

47!Haruta can then enter the mansion to meet with Cunniberto in the living room, who makes a bunch of tasteless jokes about Hiro and then settles down. He offers 47!Haruta a position as one of his advisors. Whether 47!Haruta accepts or declines, Cunniberto then faces a katana set and starts monologuing about Japanese culture. 47!Haruta can grab the katana and slash Cunniberto's throat open.

God's Man:

Father Aloisio Scardina has been assigned to oversee Roberto's funeral. Believing that he is protected by God, Father Scardina denied bodyguards offered to him by the Mascari Mafia. Despite this hubris, knocking him out is challenging as the chapel in the mansion is well-guarded.

Once he gets the outfit, 47!Scardina can jumpstart the funeral proceedings. The guards in the mansion would congregate outside the chapel. Cunniberto would return to the mansion and, along with Mascari Family underboss Iginio Consalvo, consigliere Frontiniano Coca and 47!Scardina himself, give eulogies. After the proceedings, Cunniberto would meet 47!Scardina in a private session on the second floor, dismissing all his guards, to confess that he fears that he can't live to his father's expectations as a Don. 47!Scardina can soothe these fears by shoving Cunniberto over the balcony, killing him.

10 minutes later, Desiderto arrives late to the funeral. He rants at his father's dead body about always being neglected, and then attempts to pull a ring off his father's hand, reaching into the casket. 47!Scardina can take this opportunity to slam the casket hard onto Desiderto's neck, killing him.

Bad Cop: Officer Carmela Castellini, bitter at being mistreated and desperate for money, has decided to hand over evidence implicating Cunniberto Bevacqua in the murder of his girlfriend, Cleofe Padovani. Dressed as a bodyguard, 47 has to find Castellini and escort her to Cunniberto. However, there are 10 other policewomen on the map, all of whom would get suspicious if 47 approaches them offering to take them to Cunniberto Bevacqua. Hearing gossip from police officers detail that Castellini is blond, a smoker and has a large scar the left side of her face.

47 can eventually track Castellini hanging around Times Square. He can then escort her into Cunniberto's mansion. The meeting goes as well as Castellini could hope for: Cunniberto is pleasant to her, readily rewards her for the evidence and lets her leave unharmed. However, it might not end well for Cunniberto. When he goes to the fireplace to burn the photos, 47 can dump a propane flask onto it and kill him.

Disguises: Suit (beige suit with grey gloves), cop, bodyguard, mansion staff, restaurant waiter, food vendor, Triad member, movie extra, Nicodemo Baldassarre, Gilberto Demma, Silvano Catalani, Masashi Fukasawa, Kyuichi Haruta, Father Aloisio Scardina.


  • The mission is set on the 1st of February, 2022.


  • Suit (beige suit with grey gloves)
  • Mobster suit (black suit with brown fedora)

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