Hitman 2

Hitman Steelmark: Mission 3 – Scarlet Butterflies

Hitman3 - Hitman Steelmark: Mission 3 - Scarlet Butterflies

Fuzhou, China, 7:00AM

Targets: The Triad Leader and the Battle Butler

Briefing: Good morning, 47. Your destination is Fuzhou, China.

Your main target is Chen Yazhu, the head of the drug smuggling Scarlet Butterflies Triad. After the fall of the Delgado Cartel, they have become the world's leading drug supplier. But not anymore.

Your secondary target is Cui Shufen, Chen's right-hand woman. Cunning and ruthless, Cui served as the Scarlet Butterflies's sole hitwoman, then an enforcer, before finally becoming second-in-command.

The client is a high-ranking official in the Chinese government, whose son had died of drug addiction, supplied by the Scarlet Butterflies.

The duo are currently at Chen's hometown of Fuzhou. Why they are there, we don't know. But there should be more than one way to deal with them there.

Good luck, 47.

Target Appearances:

Chen Yazhu: Elderly Chinese man, mid seventies. Black suit, black sunglasses.

Cui Shufen: Chinese woman, early forties. Black suit, black sunglasses.

Map Notes:

City, with a mansion, restaurant, a fish market, a bar, a police station and a harbour. Chen tours the city with his bodyguard, Sam Tong, while Cui stays in the mansion, taking care of the furnishings and training.

Mission Stories:

The Dock Doc: Dr Zenas Kong is a Singaporean doctor who has lost his license after overdosing a patient. Through his uncle's connections, he had moved to Fuzhou and now works for the Scarlet Butterflies. He is currently treating the broken leg of Ang Wei Wun, one of the goons, at his clinic at the far side of the harbour. Dressed as Kong, 47 can dismiss Ang and approach Chen, who is suffering a headache from walking under the hot sun in a suit. At the clinic, 47!Kong can prescribe Chen drugs, but not before poisoning them.

The Opium Work: At the other side of the harbour, Scarlet Butterflies gunmen upload drug shipments onto a ship. Scarlet Butterflies enforcer Ben Ma is supposed to be overseeing the operations, but has gotten exhausted and decided to take a . Dressed as Ma, . When Chen arrives, 47!Ma and guide him on a tour around the premises. Chen would eventually move to the side of the pier and inspect an opium cache. 47!Ma would then get the prompt to execute Chen. He would grab Chen's neck, twist it and shove him off the pier, killing him.

Tea Trade: Marcus Lockwood is a former partner of Bartholomew Paxton, is in Fuzhou to offer to fund Chen. Chen, however, doesn't like white people and decided that he'll delay the meeting as long as he can, leaving Lockwood to wander around the city on his own. Lockwood conveniently gotten sick from trying out raw fish and is vomiting into a trash can in an alleyway on his own. 47!Lockwood can approach Chen and call for the meeting. Chen would reluctantly meet with him in the restaurant. During the session, Chen would pour some tea into a teacup. 47!Lockwood can grab Chen by the head and impale him through the eye with the teapot spout, killing him.


The Drinking Solution: Chen Yazhu is a noted drinking champion, but has decided to become a teetotaller for the sake of his. Tong keeps a close eye on his boss. If 47 takes Tong out. Chen might go to the bar to drink. 47 can challenge him to a drinking contest to flammable alcohol. As Chen gets more and more drunk, he would be unable to notice 47 slip a candlestick onto the table. When Chen slams the last glass down, it will spread onto the flame and set him alight, killing him.

Kung Fu Training: Brother Tang Luoyang, a Shaolin monk, has been hired by the Scarlet Butterflies to train their men (Tang does not know that they are criminals). Tang is sensitive to noises, being able to hear 47 creeping up on him meters away. If subdued, he would struggle to free himself, forcing 47 to hold twice as long to incapacitate him.

Once 47 gets Tang's robes, he would call for a training session in the yard. After 47!Tang beats 5 men in hand-to-hand combat, Cui would challenge him to a fight. Through a series of QTEs, 47!Tang can crack Cui's temple and kill her, which would be considered an accident.

What's Cooking: Cui is in charge of hiring Chen's staff. Wanting a decent dinner, she hired American chef Georgia Winston to do cooking rather than have one of the Scarlet Butterflies attempt it.

After finding his phone number in his office, 47 can call Chen on the phone in the kitchen. After he picks up, Winston would pick up the phone and greet him, alerting him to her presence.

Chen storms back to the mansion, fires Winston, berates Cui and forces her to do cooking. Cui, not knowing how to cook, would accidentally cause a gas leak. She then gets the bright idea to smoke a cigarette, blowing herself up.

Shady Business: Chen has bribed Fuzhou police sergeant Deng Xiuying into handing him evidence implicating the Scarlet Butterflies in the overdose of the official's son. As meeting Deng himself would be too risky, he had assigned Cui to do it, but she would rather stay in the air-conditioned mansion. Officer Liang Liuxian suspects his boss.

47 can find Sergeant Deng taking a nap in the precinct police station. He can wake him up with the radio, and he would subsequently go outside, call Cui and arrange a meeting with her in an alleyway. Officer Liang would notice this and start trailing him.

47 can choose to knock Liang and Deng out, disguise as the latter and meet with Cui himself. During the meeting, Cui would talk for a while, take the evidence and walk away, giving 47!Deng a short opportunity to stab/shoot/garrotte her and dump her body in a drain.

Alternatively, 47 could just let nature run its course. During the meeting this time, Deng would get agitated when he doesn't get his reward immediately and pulls a pistol on Cui. Cui punches him, pulls out her own pistol and gets ready to shoot Deng, but Officer Liang shoots her before she could do so. Liang than wakes Deng up, arrests him and brings him to a holding cell.


Suit (short-sleeved blue shirt and overalls), Scarlet Butterflies goon, Scarlet Butterflies enforcer, Dr Zenas Kong, Ben Ma, Marcus Lockwood, Tang Luoyang, Deng Xiuying

Exits: Boat, car, sewer, taxi

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