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Holiday Hoarders Detailed Guide & PSA

Hitman5 - Holiday Hoarders Detailed Guide & PSA

Alright, so Holiday Hoarders got released today and we all want our Santa Suit. You get it via doing all the Secret Santa challenges, here's how you get them:

Challenge Guide: Bad 47

This one's easy. Pacify Marv 3 times with a brick. The bricks are located in a present in the basement security room next to a small brown door. Simply hide out of sight, belt him, wait for him to be woken up and repeat. Preferably start in the basement to do this and then restart when you're done, HH has multiple starting locations unlike some other bonus missions

Challenges Guide: Santa's Little Helper/Ho Ho Ho/Oh Deer

Alright, so now you have to collect every item that Harry & Marv will attempt to steal.

Harry will take a fireworks remote in the tech starting location. A circumcision knife in the Library room with the lone auction staff. Then a sabre, cowboy bust, regular bust and microphone in the attic. All in that general order, so I reccomend taking care of the remote and knife then stopping Marv from collecting his items and then going up into the attic to collect the busts, sabre and microphone in that order.

Marv will go for a coconut in the area with room next to the locker room with the three dudes and an apricot in the kitchen, both in the basement. Then he will go for a cannon in the museum next to a ship and a toy tank in the gift shop next to the stylist who I believe is talking to either tech crew or a waiter. Then he will go for a battleaxe lodged in an ice sculpture in the bar and a ninja star that's been thrown into a model's dress on a hanger between The Grand Hall and Kitchen.

In the 2016 version you just had to pick them up and drop them to get the challenge, now you seemingly need to have all of them in your inventory at once. Harry and Marv still won't pick up a dropped item though, so it's not needed to collect the rest of the items.

The way I do is I start as a Tech Crew and grab the fireworks remote. Then you go into the room with the lone Auction Staff and grab a circumcision knife that's near that big ole tree you see.

Then I go downstairs and collect the coconut and apricot, then up again and collect the cannonball, tank, battleaxe and ninja star.

I recommend getting a security outfit sometime before taking the battleaxe and wearing it for the majority of the mission until you get near the dining room. By the time I get there usually Santa has teleported to this room where he'll be near the fireplace so I nock him out and become Santa 47.

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I sneak up the attic and collect the busts, sabre and microphone then head downstairs.

At the Three Lions Fountain there's a propane flask, grab it and head down to the basement. There's a piece of cloth where the burglars will put their spoils (or lack thereof). Wait for them to arrive, avoiding their sightlines as they flee at the sight of an intimidating man dressed as Saint Nick and then shoot the propane when they're grumbling about not getting anything for Christmas.

Boom. Ho ho ho. Challenges popped. Enjoy the suit. I predict there's gonna be a load of shitposts of people "blending in" as Santa 47 in the new maps.


Big thanks to this reddit guide and this steam guide for helping me find the item spawns. Hopefully my right up is a bit more detailed, thanks to the Paris map now having area names.

PSA: Saving in Holiday Hoarders

Alright, so when I stole from Harry and Marv I placed a micro explosive near the propane, thinking it'd destroy the flask and cause an accident kill. I was a big id*ot and the flask didn't even get a dent and I got no challenges.

I realised shortly before there's no save, autosave or loading in this version of Holiday Hoarders. I could have sworn there was in the 2016 Holiday Hoarders, if so not only have they made this fun little mission temporary content but they've also released an objectively worse version of it that's more tedious to get challenges on.

Secret Exit Guide: The Chimney

After eliminating your targets head to the the dining room, which is one of Santa's spawns. There will now be an exit prompt, head up the chimney and enjoy the jingly exit music.

Santa Spawn Guide: Where Does He Go Go Go?

Santa teleports across Paris, the more the bells ring the closer you are to where he currently is. He'll usually be next to a Christmas tree and will nope out to the next area in his cycle if he sees 47, so don't get spotted before bricking him. He may appear in certain locations if you interfere, but doing nothing will have him spawn in these locations in this order:

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  1. Next to the stairwell where Viktor Novikov makes quite the entrance.
  2. At the bar, near the battleaxed ice sculpture, snipping on some wine and cookies.
  3. In the attic where the Vampire Magician's disguise is, which is now decked out with a Crimbo tree and some prezzies.
  4. In the dining room in front of the fireplace. If you've already eliminated the targets you can simply knock him out and use the Santa 47 disguise to activate the exit for a quick finish time if Holiday Hoarders leaderboards are your niche.
  5. In the attic again, this time in the security room and near the explosives you can use for The Showstopper's Photobomb challenge.
  6. The Library, near the circumcision knife.
  7. At the Pavilion garden where you escort Max Decker in a Showstopper mission story. You could probably do the entirety of Showstopper within Holiday Hoarders tbh, as the routes aren't changed for any NPC already in the main level.
  8. Where Harry and Marv have set up their cloth. He'll be sipping on wine, again.
  9. In Dalia Margolis' bathroom, for some reason. Maybe he needs to use it?
  10. At the auction balcony where you can drop Dalia on Viktor after using the fireworks remote in The Showstopper. Again, you can do that here if you're so inclined to play Showstopper with a holiday skin.
  11. In the locker room where the Chef starting location is and where you can get a waiter disguise. This is the room with the crying lady and the half naked guy.

Big thanks to Hitman speedrunner Gule for making


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