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How would you rank the maps of Hitman 2?

Hitman4 - How would you rank the maps of Hitman 2?

How would you rank the 7 major maps – Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgail, New York, and Haven Island?

Thought it would be interesting to see if we all agree on what makes a Hitman map tick. In deciding my ranking I definitely realised my two pillars for a great map are dynamics and look & feel. Dynamics = how many cool/interesting ways are there of eliminating the target(s), look & feel = what's the vibe of the level purely as an environment to be in.

My ranking:

7 New York There are elements of this map I like, however for me it has a low score on both dynamics and look & feel – relative to the other maps. There is only one target, and the secondary objective doesn't have enough freedom of approach to feel like a second target. In terms of look and feel, it's entirely indoors and the various areas feel very similar.

6 Whittleton Creek Has really cool mission stories, is quite pretty and has some interesting lore. However it seems relatively small scale and there aren't many interesting ways to get the two targets to interact, so it feels like two minor maps stitched together.

5 Isle of Sgail The next three ranks are virtually interchangeable. Sgail is great because of the fantasy of being in an Eyes Wide Shut-type setting, and the indoor environments are beautifully decorated. There are some interesting dynamics involving non-target characters. The gloomy dark atmosphere can feel oppressive after a while though.


4 Miami Spectacular and epic, with the race apparently being the most complex set piece the team had to make, which leads to interesting dynamics such as who appears on the podium. There's an excellent contrast of environments too.

3 Santa Fortuna Three targets in different corners of this vast map, with so much to discover – I still haven't got around to seeing everything. A great range of environments, from a high tech mansion, village, jungle, ancient ruins, cave, and drug farm, construction site… simply huge.

2 Haven Island Three targets like in Santa Fortuna, but while Haven Island feels smaller it seems more dense, with more ways for the targets to interact, and more combinations to play around with. It's also benefits from being the most beautiful map, with tropical beaches, a resort, a mansion with a secret high tech environment, relaxing spas and villas. Just gorgeous.

1 Mumbai At first I thought it was a confusing mess, but now is probably my favourite ever Hitman map. A great variety of environments, huge in scale, deep lore, faithful to the place, and the Kashmirian makes it the greatest in terms of dynamics. It's just so gigantic in scale, richly detailed and deeply playful, it almost feels like a game in its own right. A masterpiece.

Thanks for reading, interested to hear what you guys think!

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